Really WICKED experience

Well this morning i was doing my usual getting woken up by the family routine and i had gone back to bed finally after everyone left the house. I tried a little WILD with no luck so i decided to just go to bed, i had been reading some of the forums before i went back to bed anyway so i figured the WBTB tech would work. Well it did and this was freaky.

While i was reading the forums i read about someone claiming they could bring back objects from the dreamworld into the real world. So I was in this dream and wiping something off of my hands with a paper towel, i began to wake up (false awakening) and i opened my eyes to look at my hand and there it was, the paper towel, but then everything started to flicker, like a slow strobe light, about every half second. And i could hear really deep demonic voices saying something to me as i looked at my hand flickering in the lights. I was afraid for about 1 second then i realized it was just a dream so nothing to be scared about and i went with it, tried to make it last and i tried to get out of bed (which i can usually do) but woke up.

Anyways that was the first real time i tried to look at my hands in my dream, it was quite an experience, since im an atheist, and dont believe in demons it was quite funny after it happened.

Anyways just thought id share,

  • good dreaming~

So after you became aware it was a dream you got too excited and woke up?

If you could actually bring items back from the dream world i would have a lot of strange women in my room :wink:

i wouldn’t say i got excited as ive had a few lucid dreams already and i know how to stay in them, it was just a weird experience, and i didn’t do too good of a job stabalizing it. and yes id have a lot of HOT women in my bed room … lol

who claims that silly idea anyway?

i forget who it was, i didn’t believe it it just so happened to happen in my dream since i was reading about it lol

The premise is really dodgey, but imagine if it was possible, think of what you could do, you could bring back a cure-all medicine, you could get anything you wanted. That would be amazing.

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