Regular Lucid Dreaming

I noticed some of you have 1+ lucid dreams per week and some of you even say that all you ever dream is lucid :eek: . I was just wanting to ask for some advice. How did you get to this point. Do you Perform WILD every time you sleep or what?


Personally, I don’t have that many LD’s, but I know that some people here who have regular LD’s use the All day awareness (or Lucid Living) technique. It is about living every day consciously, paying attention to everything you encounter, looking at your surroundings, searching for any clue, which would tell you that you’re dreaming. Basically, it’s like a 24/7 reality check. I can’t find any guide for it on this forum, but if you search for it on the web, you’ll sure find some.
Of course, you can also perform WILD to achieve regular LD’s. It’s a hard technique, so doing it daily will not always work and it also requires much effort. A lot easier technique is MILD. Some people here claim, that MILD grants them very frequent LD’s (1+ a week). It’s a fairly easy technique to learn, and once you’ve mastered it, it will bring you a bunch of LD’s for sure. WILD and MILD may be also combined with WBTB. Personally, I prefer doing MILD when I go to sleep at night and do WILD whenever I wake up in the early morning.
Another type of LD’ers are those, who can LD naturally. They were born with the talent to LD frequently, even without using any technique. Such people are rare.

Getting +1 LD a week isn’t that hard once you’ve mastered a technique. It requires a good deal of effort and time, but it’s worth it, in my opinion.

Thanks a Ton!!!

Just to expand on what Paulius said, here’s a more in-depth look at lucid living and the concept behind it. Linky

Many of those who do have lucid dreams every night, such as Wyvern, use this technique mainly. In the end, WILD, MILD, DILD, RCILD, VILD and the rest depend on awareness to at least some extent, and it can also make your day a bit more interesting when you pay attention to the world around you.