REM Dreamer MASK ?

latelty i found out about this sleeping mask rem-dreamer.they say that with many motivations and options on your need this will help you to have lucid that true?i need your opinion guys really.i dont wanna buy something 147 euros btw for no reason.i just ask if this will work and how it works?i know you can answer me coz you are experienced dreamers and most of you without this kind of machines so plz gimme answers…thanks in advance :smile: take care !

Spending 150 euros is way too much when you can have a lucid dream without this. And
you can’t be sure you’ll have it with this. So no worth, just practice.

thx for the reply btw but…i asked for this to learn more from you and not by the sellers
!i think this webpage is a topic for discussing our ideas or questions right?you say "keep practising"yeah i know brother but i asked specific if someone here know more about this machine or use it to let me know more things…thanks in advance again with respect

These things seem to be a hit/miss. Some people find it works well for them, others find it’s about as helpful as a poke in the eye. But if you really do want to try this, you can build your own for a fraction of the price pretty easily. <- How to build one for ~ five dollars (I would put the euro equivalent, but I don’t know the conversion)
Hope this helps!

Ive done research on these quite extensively, and I know this-It wont help you get your first LD. They work by flashing lights in your eyes during a dream so you can notice it and then know that you’re in a dream. If you’ve never aware of your dream surroundings or are conscious enough to question that you’re dreaming, then the machine definitely wont help. And as previously suggested, if you still want to try it, i would recommend building your own for a fraction of the cost. Sorry for the big wall of text :smile:

I really don’t know either way but if you were to make one it might be worth it :tongue:

Not sure if masks will work if you’ve never had a LD but they sure helped me when I’d had a few. First one I tried was the Dream Link from Steven LaBerges Lucidity Institute. It flashed some leds at a time estimated to be a rem period in the night. It also had a reality test button. Not sophisticated but worked well to get my LD count up. Then I tried one of the first dreamLinks. They detect when you’re in rem sleep and flash leds at you. What i will say is that I rarely seemed to recognise the led cues in the dream as suggested by the training material. I think half the trick was they reinforce the intent to have LD. If you can afford one, get one - it will help. If not, try to build one - that will help too but make sure you use a safe design.