Remembering what I wanted to do in an LD.

[center][color=orange]I’m having some trouble with my LD’s. I have them maybe once or twice a week, but never everyday. I’m running out of things to do in them. I fly all the time. Honestly, first thing that occurs to me during a LD is “Ooh I can fly. :'D” And I’m a seasoned flier now. But for a year now I’ve been looking through this forum and have so many more things I want to do. I want to meet my spirit guide, I want to shapeshift, I want to travel, I want to see Hell and Heaven, I want to walk through a mirror. So many things but my issue is remembering to do them.

During my LD I’ll just fly around and usually let the dream story line continue though I know I’m lucid and can change anything. So it’s fun and more dream-ish and I never have a problem with length. I never remember during my dream all the things I want to do. I’ve tried repeating it over and over “I will see my spirit guide tonight” or whatever, but it never works. I always forget everything I’ve read on LD4all and just /fly/.

I’ve been flying for months now. I want to do something new. It was a miracle that I spontaniously remembered to rub my hands together when I was losing lucidity, because even those techniques are lost to me once I’m lucid.

/sigh. Some help, please?

Oh. And if it has to do anything most of my dreams are made lucid just by my habit of doing RC’s. I’ll randomly check my hands and notice I’m dreaming.


Well, one way to do that would be reenacting your dreams, by daytime. Just pick a dream you had (I guess a lucid one would be the best choice :wink:), and relive it again, this time doing the things you wanted to. I’ve written out the details in my Dream control training course, you’ll find it by the beginning of Daily practice. :smile: Good luck.

I use auto-suggestion and it works well for me. I repeat “In my LD tonight I will remember to do X” three times and then just clear my mind and fall asleep. I think it’s important to say it like that (“remember”), it might help :smile:

maybe before you sleep you could write down something like this “im lucid now, i jump to the sky. while im up here i get the feeling like im forgetting something- ah ha! id like to make that tree grow legs and walk or conjure a lightning storm.” possiblely write down ideas throughout the day and incorporate them into a written scenario, even draw the action.

…hmm maybe i could use this myself in a fashion to help me get lucid, cus thats were i fail.

Forsake flying. No flying. Fly nooooooo.

Just DON’T fly. What you want to do can change nightly. What you don’t want to do should remain the same.
A simple shift of focus to a simpler point… might be effective…