rubbing hands problem!

hi, i need help with rubbing hands dream-prolonging technicque. it seems like if i’m not lucid enough, when i try to rub hands to increase lucidity, I end up rubbing my real hands in bed and then woke up. That happened to me in 2 of my lucid dreams, and i was quite mad… but it’s true that those 2 lucid dreams were very low-lucid. when i try to rub my hands when i’m more aware that i’m dreaming, it works.
So, what should I do when I feel that my low-lucid dream is fading away?

There are a lot of other dream prolonging techniques, like spinning, shouting for clarity/more time/…
There are a few guides about this like: (look at the 4th post).
I don’t know how your problem with waking up is related to low-lucid dreams, maybe you were only close to waking up anyway. You could try to imagine rubbing your hands, it will work the same in the dream but you don’t risk to move your real hands.

thanks man :smile:

I hate when that happens, I tried to move in an LD too soon and I woke up. :cry: XD

Be careful when you try to move in a LD. There is some difference between moving your Dream body and moving you IRL body. You should note that difference and avoid moving IRL body. That’s usually the case with non-vivid dreams. In vivid dreams, I don’t have that problem.