Rules for giving blood in your country?

I had a discussion with someone :wolf: I might perhaps not tell you who but somehow we came in on the topic about giving blood, and I found out that the rules between Sweden and U.S.A was very different.

So I create this topic so you could tell what the rules in your country is, I want to see the difference.

Must wait two month between giving blood, same for boys and girls.
Homosexual people are allowed to give blood.

Boys must wait 3 months between the giving of blood.
Girls must wait 4 months between the giving of blood.
Homosexual men isn’t allowed to give blood but homosexual women are.

So what are the rules in your country about giving blood?

The American Red Cross has some pretty stringent regulations regarding blood donation. I forgot the forum rules about linking to outside sites , but anyone who is interested can research for more detailed information.

As far as I know gay men and gay women are not allowed to donate blood in the US.

Brazil - Depends on what you donate. I usually donate white cells, so I don’t know how long it takes for people donating integral blood. (I do this because, in case a patient is in a condition which needs white cells specifically and they don’t have spare bags of those, they’ll have to filter those from a couple of good bags of integral blood — and discard the rest! Donating white cells only takes longer, and is way more unpleasant a procedure — but you can donate every two months or so.)

You can be gay alright, so long as you haven’t had sex for the past few months — I don’t remember how many. This is considered a serious prejudice and is being protested against. (Plus, they test all blood donations for a bunch of diseases anyway, so it shouldn’t make that much of a difference). The list of requirements other than that is still pretty huge, though. I could find a copy of it and translate it for you guys, some other day. … 7_,00.html

Read it.

Nothing said about gay men and gay women. They absolutely can give blood.

It doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t be able to. There’s also no test for it, anyway…

Seriously, people have enough reasons to hate people from the U.S. I won’t let them have this one >_>

In austria , you should be 18 to donate blood , gay people are allowed to donate as far as i know , just they will be tested more thoroughly , the pause between donations im not certain but i think 4 weeks or something . … do you in the states have also this busses who stand at neuralgic points in cities where one can donate ?

for UK … just copied from their site

[spoiler]You should not give blood if:

1 You’ve already given blood in the last 12 weeks (normally, you must wait 16 weeks).
2 You have a chesty cough, sore throat or active cold sore.
3 You’re currently taking antibiotics or you have just finished a course within the last seven days.
4 You’ve had hepatitis or jaundice in the last 12 months.
5 You’ve had ear or body piercing or tattoos in the last 6 months.
6 You’ve had acupuncture in the last 6 months outside the NHS (unless you can produce the approved certificate from your acupuncturist or physiotherapist).
7 A member of your family (parent, brother, sister or child) has suffered with CJD (Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease).
8 You’ve ever received human pituitary extract (which was used in some growth hormone or fertility treatments before 1985).
9 You have received blood or think you may have received blood during the course of any medical treatment or procedure anywhere in the world since 1st January 1980.

You may not be able to give blood if:

1 You’ve had a serious illness or major surgery in the past or are currently on medication. Please discuss this with the clinical staff. The reason you’re taking medicines may prevent you from donating.
2 You’ve had complicated dental work. Simple fillings are OK after 24 hours, as are simple extractions after 7 days.
3 You’ve been in contact with an infectious disease or have been given certain immunisations in the last four weeks.
4 You’re presently on a hospital waiting list or undergoing medical tests.
5 You do not weigh over 50kgs (7st 12).


You should not give blood if you are pregnant or you are a woman who has had a baby in the last 9 months.

Travel abroad

Please wait 6 months after returning from a malarial area before giving blood. Please also tell us if you have visited Central/South America at any time. (Those who’ve had Malaria, or an undiagnosed illness associated with travel, may not however be able to give blood.)

West Nile Virus

Have you been to or plan to go to CANADA or the UNITED STATES this Summer? If yes, please click here, as it might affect you giving blood.

The special problem of HIV and Hepatitis viruses

• Every single blood donation is tested for HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) and hepatitis B and C.
• Infected blood isn’t used in transfusions but our test may not always detect the early stages of viral infection.
• The chance of infected blood getting past our screening tests is very small, but we rely on your help and co-operation.
• People who carry these viruses may feel healthy for many years.

You should never give blood if:

1 You carry the hepatitis B virus, the hepatitis C virus or the HIV virus.
2 You’re a man who’s had sex with another man, even safe sex using a condom.

For more information on why men who have sex with men cannot give blood click here
3 You’ve ever worked as a prostitute.
4 You’ve ever injected yourself with drugs - even once.

You should not give blood for 12 months after sex with:

1 A man who has had sex with another man (if you’re a female).
2 A prostitute.
3 Anyone who has ever injected themselves with drugs.
4 Anyone with haemophilia or a related blood clotting disorder who has received clotting factor concentrates.
5 Anyone of any race who has been sexually active in parts of the world where AIDS/HIV is very common. This includes countries in Africa.

Please do not give blood if you even think that you need a test for HIV or hepatitis, or if you had sex in the past year with someone you think may be HIV or hepatitis positive.

Never give blood to get an HIV test. [/spoiler]

I used to be a blood donor, but I can’t anymore due to taking medication.

What about age limits? I hear you have to be at least 16 to give blood here in America.

The American FDA placed a ban on homosexual men from donating blood about 25 years ago. This ban prevents homosexual men who are in a monogamous relationship, or completely celibate from donating blood.

The RedCross states this pretty briefly in the HIV section. You should not give blood if you:
"are a male who has had sexual contact with another male, even once, since 1977 "

I think the federal law is 17, but states can refine that limit down to 16.

well that shut me up.

Well, if you forget the rules you can read them here :wink:

Nothing wrong with linking to other sites except in your sig or if you link to product vendors. So the redcross link is okay. :smile:

In sweden the age limit is 18 years.

So that seems like an odd connection, why would homosexual men be allowed to donate when homosexual women is?

I wonder what the reason is.

sorry, bout that… :wink:

I’m a bit overly-passionate on the subject at times. A lot of people don’t know about that regulation, and I had to find out the hard way when I tried to donate blood.

I don’t live in a city so I can’t be sure, but I know there are these big red buses that come to high schools about twice a year, and if you are 16 with parent permission you can donate. Sometimes there are community-organized events that include a “big red bus” as well.

The rule about homosexuals not being allowed to donate blood is more than outrageous.
My biggest argument here is “ALL BLOOD IS TESTED FOR DISEASES BEFORE SHIPPED TO THE HOSPITALS”, so what’s the problem rly? I’d say it’s just another homophobic ‘thing’.

by all means- i should be sorry.

Being from the U.S., and going on the internet for a few years, i’ve been a bit trained to jump into defensive stance like that, and i don’t even like the damn place.

People on the internet don’t like me because i was born :yes:

anyway, since i am getting a bit off topic…

first off, i know i can’t change anything by saying it… but that law makes no ■■■■■■■ sense. I almost thought you were kidding when you said it. But alas.

Either way, the age around here is 16. Most schools have a blood drive every year, too.

:wow: Three posts all at 5:45. RC

I must admit I’m a bit naive. I wasn’t aware there were laws like this. Sounds ridiculous. Plenty of heterosexuals have diseases. The same screening processes could and should be applied.

@ TRJR no worries, I took no offense :smile: The internet is a silly place and i misinterpret things all the time. So I just use to mainly for gaming and posting around here. Everyone is super respectful and mellow when compared to other forums out there. YAY for LD4ALL!

As for the other stuff, the law was put into an effect in a time when people were very uneducated and it was looked at as a “gay” only plague. Now 25 years later it’s extremely outdated, unneeded, discriminatory, yet the FDA won’t budge on the subject, so it will remain the same… for now…

I think it will change in the coming years though. With a blood shortage and progressive campaigning I am sure the FDA will come around…