Running from crash landing airplanes.

If I ever see an airplane in the sky, even traveling away from, or to a different direction then me, it always seems to lose control, turn and sway, and then eventually line up with me. Then it comes crashing down at me while i frantically run or try to get out of the way. This happens occasionally but it is always when i see an airplane in the sky.

If you’re lucid, stay there. If you believe that there will be no pain, there won’t be. Or, try firing super laser cannons at it! Let the planes suffer for trying to hit you!

There was once i was lucid, and I slowed it in the air so it didn’t crash so violentely. It had been a goal of mine for quite some time to stop the airplane just to see what happened, and see what’s inside it. The only unfortunate part about this time was that shortly after i brought the airplane down, i must have lost lucidity, because bringing it to the ground was the last thing I remembered.