S.H.A.R.M.(Great software program!!)

Has anyone had any success with this S.H.A.R.M. program in helping to induce lucid dreams ? I downloaded the trial version and exerimented with it a bit, but found the trial version to be very limited and hard to really learn much about the program with. What a shame to have such a locked down trial version. One limitation I did find with it by reading the manual is that the maximum session length you can create is only 60 minutes, which is fairly worthless if you are trying to create a lucid dreaming CD which would need to be at least 90 minutes long. The sound files also seem kind of crappy with only a couple of water files.

I think I’ll just stick with using proven programs like Brainwave Generator, Goldwave, and Multisequence that I am able to test adequately before purchasing, unless someone other than a guest has had success with this program.

If anyone is interested in a program like SHARM for purposes of self hypnosis, there is a free source code program called Virtual Hypnotist that a person can download and use for free, which sort of makes the SHARM program a waste of money.

Okay, i’m now worried. i moved the wave all the way down to 0.0 (minimum). What does that do? is that okay?

Someone explain SHARM me. (Like you would to a dumb).

What am i supposed to do with it?!

If you try to generate binaural beats with 0 hz, you would get the source sound, unaltered. It wouldn’t generate any brainwaves, it would just be listening to the original sound.

I tried one. It only went halfway when I went to look at it, though. But my eyes suddenly started moving all by themselves! In weird pattterns! It was pretty cool.

Did not woek here :sad:

It seems that there are various questions, myths, and assumptions of hypnotists, and people who can not hypnotise. Is there a topic about hypnotism hosted by ld4all.com?

i think i have seen one a few months ago :cool: a forum search would probably reveal it.

It actually sounds dangerous…


Danger…Dangers my middle name :cool: …Well no it’s not…

Anyways, I understand the speculation and how people MAY think this is dangerous…how ever, the type of hypnosis that is most dangerous is when the effects some how ulter personality, or cause you to believe something fake…

But If your having hypnosis done on the idea that you could just lucid dream, I really don’t see that there is any harm at all…if you want to see harm through hypnosis, warpmymind.com is a perfect example…

But simple programs like these are as harlmess as brain wave generator…plus from what I recall when programs like BwGen first came up the first thing people said was…Oh man that sounds dangerous its not healthy to mess with your brain patterns etc, etc, etc… But eventually half the people on this board tried it with no consequences…so why not give this a try?

I have to admit though…it sounds a little weird that this guest came out of no where just promoting the idea of this new program…maybe not meh…ima give it a try tho

I can’t believe I have to pay for an emulator to run this program. PIRATE TIME!

Ya I just love the idea of my eyes moving all by themselves sounds just great…

Amen, my brother.

yeah im about to give up on these free programs liek this, cuz none of them have let me put it on my mp3 player so i dont have to leave my noisy computer on all night just to hear the thing

Hmm… someone posted something a while back about being on a Mac? I’m on a Mac so if there’s only Windows, Linux, whatever versions out there, I’m out. Sounds interesting though… someone explain it in depth.

Somebody kill this post I don’t want to keep thinking about my eyes moving beyond my control!


Hey Reyth! Your eyes always move beyond your control when you sleep, the only difference here is you experience it conciously. Same with sp. And with the danger thing, it’s not anything you need to worry about. I’ve been doing hynotism for awhile, and as far as I know, the most dangerous effect that would happen would be something like falling asleep durning the hypnosis session. No one’s going to brainwash you. Don’t take the stereotypical view on hypnosis, it’s not mind control. It is but a too to access your deeper mind, and that is all.

Yikes! :scared:

No thanks! :hide:


Aarrgg!!! The stereotypical view on hypnotism has poisoned you! Lol!