Scared to WILD

First of all, I don’t think you’re crazy :tongue: I’ve read of many people that hear things. One guy was able to develop the ability to talk with his subconscious while completely awake. My opinion is that it should be a great skill to improve your connection with your SC. Now, if what you see/hear is scary, then I guess it’s a bit different. And I’d only call it “crazy” if you had this so frequently you couldn’t separate reality from it, and if you heard voices that told you to kill people and stuff :bored:

Anyway, I use the short breaths (yep, it was a typo xD) and it works very well. I’ve heard you can wiggle your fingers and toes and it helps. The one thing you don’t want to do (which is what most first timers do) is try to force your body to move. It only increases the feeling of fear and panic and sometimes even seems to deepen SP.

And sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you with the “point of no return”. I’m just not sure I’m in a position to say it’s impossible. But I was thinking more on the lines of having an FA or something. I truely doubt it’s possible for your own body to trap you in SP and force you to experience scary things.

I’m sure most people have these “terrifying experiences” when WILD’ing because, or they expect them (from reading all about the hag), or because they have no idea what to expect. The feeling you get can be very surreal, but not necessarilly scary… just weird. I tend to find weird funny :lol:

A certain very helpful Ryan Hurd has a topic in ‘Article Space’ about how to get out of sleep paralysis. He says that the single most effective and reliable way to escape SP is scrunching your face up a couple of times!

Okay so… is it easy to separate HH from RL stuff? Like, how will I know if something is real or not?

Also, this is a question for anyone who actually knows what I’m going through: Is there a way to block out the other ‘things’ from my life? Because I feel like every time I open up my mind, I get swarmed by ‘things’ trying to get at me. Even as a kid, I could never have an imaginary friend, because my communication with it would always get intercepted. I would always be unsure if the voices in my head were my ‘friend’ or… something else. And then I would start to hear voices out loud, and see things… and I’d get into a bad situation that I didn’t know how to get out of.

So basically, is there a way to shut it all out alltogether? Or am I stuck with this for life? Because it’s really bothering me. It’s also the cause for minor OCD, which I know the only way to get rid of would be to get rid of the ‘things’.

Thanks, everyone, for all the replies.

What I want to say here is a little bit different, but making a new topic isn’t really necessary I think :smile:

Anyways, yesterday I tried WILD for the first time, I did the things they say you to do so from the LD4ALL Guide (Counting 1 - I’m dreaming 2 - I’m dreaming 3 I’m Dreaming etc) and keep on hearing your breath etc. I also visualized stairs I was walking on step by step using seconds.

It was hard to do it all at the same time, but when I finally managed it I kept on doing it and that lasted like a minute. But then, suddenly my whole body began feeling so weird, as if my life was being sucked away. So I immediately jumped out of it and figured it’s actually pretty damn scary. I then almost couldn’t sleep anymore because of the feelings I just had. And also imagining that I could’ve been going to hear voices etc.

Can someone convince me to keep on doing WILD?