hey everyone, i am very, very new to LD ing and it seems amazing. i want to get started soon. i have read about WILD and it seems possible for me, but everyone keeps talking about it being very scary, even to the point of horrifying. my question is…how? what happens? can you share some experiences with me or something, to explain why it is so scary? thanks a whole lot in advance!!

Scary? hell no… from what iv’e experienced its pretty cool/amazing. To get a tase of HI, press your fingers against your (closed) eyelids…not so scary… some people have said something abaout an “old hag”, but [cliche] It’s all in your head.[/cliche]!

thats only a proportion of ppl that find wild weird or scarry, also losts of ppl love it like me.
Most often the scarry part for ppl is just the unknown aspect about it.
What we dont know we often find scarry.
I always loved it and still do.

Hi Ijusell ! Welcome to LD4all ! :wave:
First of all, you have to know that WILDing is not the only way to get a lucid dream. They are a lot of others techniques (DILD techniques) where you realize you’re dreaming from a normal dream.
So you can dream lucidly without WILD.

I agree with Jeff when he says that we’re afraid of what we don’t know. There are a lot of phenomena which we generally don’t pay attention at, when we get asleep, and that’s can be frightening in WILD… for people who like to be frightened ! :happy:
When you practice WILD, you’re likely to face some strange phenomena, which are called hypnagogic hallucinations (visions, sounds, vibrations, etc.) According to your mood, you can find this funny, or be afraid of them.

Generally speaking, WILD hallucinations are very soft. They have nothing to do with big hallucinations, like the famous “Old Hag” which is only experienced by very few people during severe cases of a sleep trouble called “sleep paralysis”. As someone said on this forum, “we have a lot of people saying : I’m scared to meet the Old Hag… but no one who said : Aaaargh ! Help me ! I’ve an Old Hag in my bed !” :rofl:

Good lucid dreams ! :content:

thanks guys! i did that thing where i pushed on my eyes, and wow! if it is like that, i cant wait! since im new, do you suggest this as a good way to get started? that is, by using WILD ? thanks! and oh yeah, whats the old hag? meeting the hag or something you were talking about.

When I first started practicing LDing, I tried MILD, but as I was doing that, I induced my first LD via WILD. I didn’t even realize it. I heard these loud disturbing noises until I became lucid. They were frightening at the time, but thats because I didn’t know what the hell was happening. If you educate yourself prior, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. I was just confused on what was happening.


Don’t worry things are only scary at first because you don’t know what to expect. Read the last page in the big wild topic. I posted one of my experiences there.

Trust me you will find WILD to be a very cool experience.

As for the old hag thing. Put that out of your mind. I have been WILD ing for along time and have never encountered such a thing. To be honest, I do not know anyone who has. A curse on who ever started that topic!

Some people can WILD very easily, some other don’t (perhaps related to the melatonine level ?).
So, if you try WILD, and don’t reach an interesting state in your first attempts, it’s probably better you change for another technique.