Scribes needed :) Apply within.

yes, here :smile:

Hey Qu, i don’t have enough posts, but i would like to apply, since im working very long shifts (and spend them here),it would be a getaway from the boredom and i could do something useful on this forum (and not just pressing F5),

P.S. im going on vacation and will be back 03.09.2009. So i would like to start then (if i get in :wink: )

OK, well apply again after you are back :smile: (in case you are back and don’t feel like it anymore :tongue: )

hahaha, good one :wink:
When i get back hopefully my experiment will have some results,and if they are good i will consider writing a detailed guide.
so, uhmm…later :smile:

Yeah, I’d like to join the scribes. I got started writing a [large] guide for MM, and now I figure it’d be nice to write some more stuff. Plus, like was said before, it give a good reason to dig through old/huge posts I otherwise wouldn’t venture into.

OK :smile: Welcome in :smile:

Thanks! :grin:

Don’t worry, I’ll try to limit myself! :wink:
And I do get out… I (usually) don’t spend all day on LD4all! :tongue:

Well, I like helping people and writing guides…

But I don’t think I’ve got the time to write long posts and guides…

I would like to edit some posts, or add things that others didn’t.

And I hope I will eventually write a guide…
Well, if you are not satisfied with me, just kick me out :wink:

So, you can count me in…

If you don’t have time, then it’s better not to join :wink: it takes time to delve through old topics and add usable things :smile: sorry :smile:

i applied long back but i did not get reply as the scribes are reorganising. i hope they will consider me now.
1.i have 50 posts
2. i am intersted in writing tutorials but i dont know whether they are really useful.
3. and, Q included my ‘failure initiated lucid dreaming’ technique into the knowledge base as a variation of WILD technique

What’s needed are scribes who are willing to dive into old topics and extract those jewels of information hidden in those posts.

i have holidays now, so i think i can spend 2-3 hours daily reading the old archives.
can i join now?

Welcome in, kalyan :smile:

I’m applying again !
I’m back from vacation and i have >6 hrs almost every day to venture into the long known.

I’d like to join the Scribes if that’s alright. :smile:

I’m finally feeling up to sharing all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years. (And I’ve already started with my transformation topic.)

that’s great wyv! :smile:

One thing though - the purpose of the scribes is to collect useful posts already on the forum and merge those in a FAQ/tutorial/article of some sorts. If you write a great tutorial (which you have already done :grin: ) it could be moved to the KB without you having to be a scribe.

having said that, there are some scribes currently working on their own things, (still from before the reorganisation).

That’s absolutely no problem. I don’t mind compiling information. I already have some ideas in mind.

well you probably have plenty of scribes i just wonder if i can still join pleeez :content:

I would, but I haven’t been around long enough to do this :tongue:. I will some other time! :fly:

Scarface: please tell me more about why you want to join, and if you already have a project in mind. also please proceed to the next part here: [Want to help writing tutorials & FAQ's?)

locking this one because it’s way overdue for a new part :content: