Seeing myself - what's it mean? (LD)

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Briefly, a few nights ago I woke up with a start at about 1am and could not get back off to sleep until well past 4 in the morning. When I did I had the most amazing selection of Lucid Dreams where I drifted in and out about half a dozen times. All of them were totally different from the previous. What really niggled me was that they were just getting more interesting when I came round and semi-woke before drifting off again.

In one dream, or dreamlet(!) I had an experience I had not previously had, and that was I was seeing myself from the outside. Now I have heard of OBEs, but as far as I know they are always from looking above at your own sleeping body. This was not like this. It was almost like I was just a pair of eyeballs following myself. I wasn’t alarmed or worried but I knew I should not be like this and hurried along behind my walking self and sort of merged into one once more. The only really peculiar thing about this was I knew I had to rejoin myself before I woke and once I merged myself back together I felt more ‘complete’ and continued to LD.

Opinions on what this is all about would be most welcome. :smile:
Thanks for your time :smile:

IMO It sounds like a lucid dream in which you viewed yourself like you would in a video game. ( DO) The urge to re-enter your body would be down to reading about OBEs.

Yes, that would account for the need to get back into myself.

What does DO stand for? :confused: Sorry :eh:

if you see any letters with a dotted line underneath, you can hover your mouse cursor over it and get the definition.
DO is Disembodied Observer - the experience of viewing a dream without inhabiting a body

There is a list of suggestions for future ones here Dictionary - Acronyms and pasQuale posts in there when she adds new ones.

Ahh Thanks for that Moogle :smile: I knew there was a dictionary somewhere but I couldn’t find it when I tried to find it :lol: I had forgotten about the hovering over it too :neutral: Disembodied Observer?! :eek: Sounds horrid, but very descriptive - thanks a lot :smile:

I don’t believe in OBE honestly, nor do I believe in what I am about to suggest. Some claim that seeing yourself as another person, this means that the other you is your “doppleganger”. If you see yourself in a mirror, you are a “shaman”. <-Yes this one always ends up cracking me up. xD

My post was meant to generate a chuckle. Go ahead, laugh! :woo: