Sense of taste in dreams?

I had a particularly disgusting dream about 4 days ago… I was with someone in my dream and we were in a shop.

The shop sold dried up human excrement in packets (like crisps)… like a snack.

I picked them up and the person I was with warned me that they would be horrible but I said no its ok… we were walking along and I began to eat some of the contents of the packet… I immediately felt sick and it was the worst thing I have ever tasted in my life (dream OR real life!)

I cant get over how real it felt, I can still think about, it feels as though this really happened and it makes me shudder… as you would expect, it was AWFUL!

well fancy not putting on some salt and vinegar.
shame on you for breaking the law of the 5 seasonings!

now go to your room!

I usually don’t eat in my dreams, and I usually don’t care about what things taste so I end up glossing over food and not remembering the taste.

I recall tasting a really good peach with firm flesh that came from some mountain, though. I also remember eating some really nice chicken.

Taste and smell i have yet too sample lucidly. i ate a spider last night and sensed the feeling of eating and the texture but not the taste or smell of it.

I thought I had replied this one.

In my dreams tastes are usually realistic. Actually, they taste even better than IRL, sometimes even a bit surreal.
Basically, food tastes great in my dreams. However there’s a small issue: I cannot get full, of course, which is bad when I am asleep and hungry. Then I can eat, eat, eat and still be hungry, that turns into a vicious cycle of “I must keep eating or else I will feel more and more hungry”.

That’s actually a good dream sign and the food usually tastes great, then, the issue is not a bad thing.

The foods i probably most commenly eat in dreams are sweets. I think my sense of taste is about the same as it is irl. Never thought about it much!

Have you ever ate food in your dreams? If so, how intense was the taste? Did it taste like how it would irl? Is the flavor stronger? Weaker? I’m curious :smile:

I don’t remember much of dreams i’ve had of food, but i think it had less taste than it did in real life, for me?

My sense of taste is pretty realistic in dreams, I think. The food sometimes comes in odd combinations, but usually it tastes pretty great.

Now, this is going to sound extremely weird…
…But mostly I remember the taste of people from my dreams, and it’s how I recall my most vivid dreams. Often it leads to the tastes of other foods. I will remember the taste, but I’ll not remember the food that provided the platform for the taste.

I feel like most of the flavours I recall are old memories locked away, and that that must be why I couldn’t tell you the food I taste still.

I do not believe it is common or more people would ask/talk about it :smile: But i have no facts for it

Well everyone in this thread has said they taste things just fine in dreams. My taste also works perfectly in dreams.

April 5, 2017
I stick my fingers up under the clear plastic lid to pull out some small, black and white jelly like candies, which is surprising to me. I feel the squishy texture between my fingers and start eating them. They are sweet and the sensation of eating is incredibly strange. Doing something you are familiar with but for the first time.

The only other dream I can recall having sense of taste is when I was spitting my teeth out. I could taste blood.

It’s unusual for me to use my sense of taste during dream, but I eat/drink sometimes.
However, or I don’t feel it or I don’t remember it, but I almost never get the taste of food. But I remember the taste of liquid…
I’ve drunk very good whiskeys in dream, some looked like actual whiskeys I’ve drunk IRL, but the last I’ve drunk was quite unique: it was a peaty whiskey but with chili flavour. It was strange but good ^^

Has someone the same feature of tasting liquids but not solid food?

Oh yes. I have had perfect coffee, perfect wine, perfect fruit juice… I have also eaten actual food in dreams many times, so I don’t think that answers your question?

I drank sunlight once in a lucid dream. It tasted like strong, spicy ginger tea with orange and honey.

I had a dream where I mixed the drinks from the slurpy machines from the gas station with iced coffee. It tasted so weird, hard to describe. Think frozen fruity milk, a little like strawberry icecream.

Last night I could taste the food in my dream. They were squares of luxury chocolate cake. I bit into one, it had a horrible taste. Then I looked beneath it and there were three large patches of mould on it. :frowning: