several questions about WILD

The method i use for LDing is WILD (although i have not been successful yet). I have a couple of question about hypnotic imagery and some other things

When WILDing i use the counting method (1 im dreaming, 2 im dreaming…). i usually get every close to entering a dream. I get to the point where my eyes twitch and stuff. My first question is, is it normal that i feel (or dont feel) my body going numb?

After my body goes numb i usually get swirls in front of my eyes but i can never get hypnotic imagery. Does hypnotic imagery usually come after the swirls? Are the swirls normal?

Another question is once you get hypnotic imagery what does it feel like? Does it feel like your looking at a picture or does it feel like your in the picture?

My final question is how do you actually go from the hypnotic imagery into the dream?

Hello adg12012, I’ll try to answer a few of your questions.

  • Yes it is normal that your body goes numb.
  • The swirls are just about the first stage of the HI, so they are actually part of it!
  • HI looks at the start like a movie (just watching, not in it), but after a while depending on how detailed they become you can also “step into them”, which can cause you to be in the picture.
  • When you are IN the picture, you’re in a dream. So the trick is to get more detailed HI and interact with it.

You should also read the topic on WILDing and phosphenes since it is closely related:

Good luck with it!

adg12012, do you practise that right from when you go to bed? if you do, you might find it a lot easier if you do it when you wake up in the night. One more thing to add to what Xetrov said, if you ever were counting and give up, just do a reality check. You may be surprised to find out that you actually entered a dream without noticing it. Happened to me several times. Good Luck!