Sex and Lucid Dreaming

I’ve been hearing people say that having sex or masturbating decreases your chance of having a lucid dream. Could someone explain why? This is interesting.

Are you talking about sex before dreaming? Or sex while dreaming? Er…well. Either way I don’t really have an answer, lol. Just wanted to clarify.

I’m talking about having sex or masturbating before attempting to lucid dream.

Sex and masturbation releases serotonin which reduces the amount of REM sleep you get, therefore you dream less and your chances of becoming lucid in that dream are reduced as well.

there is a one year old topic here [Is sex beneficial to LD'ing?) where someone asked if it could help with lucid dreaming :spinning:

When you say that sex and masturbation release seratonin, is this during the whole experience or just at the orgasm? Because if it’s just at the orgasm, is it possible to just not reach that level but still give yourself sexual pleasure?

Giving up orgasms to increase LD’s. How disciplined. :meh:

I removed a few posts in this topic. Please stay on topic and talk about sex in realtion to Lucid Dreaming. Thank you :sandra:

Personally I always found I had my best/most vivid dreams after orgasm rather than abstaining.

Maybe it’s just me.

That’s very interesting.

Yesterday I decided not to “do anything” before bed because something in my head told me that it might help if I abstained.

During the night I remember having a lot of dreams and this morning I had a lucid dream. (I haven’t remembered any dreams for at least a week by this point…)


im gona experiment with this theory. ill get back to yah :happy:

yea i cant go 12 hours without masterbating, so this will be tough. but if i get a good reasult, i could care less about masterbating

what if i masterbat earlier in the day, so by the time i go to bed, will the serotonin be lessened? i really need to find away around this problem >.<

ive masterbated before and even orgasmed before and i still have LD’s at night, good ones too. if anything masterbation makes me MORE lucid

probably because you do your NILD technique : p

i prefer CHILD, but yes that could be so

Personally I have found no correlation between sex or masturbation and LDs.

We all wish there were some magic formula or technique that would deliver LDs every night. But for most of us, some techniques work better, but none are fool proof. :smile:

to be honest, i bet there really isn’t much of a difference whether you masturbate or not to your likeliness of having a lucid dream. It’s probably all a placebo.