Sex Attempt

So I know I’m dreaming and I walk into this room where an attractive blonde woman is, intending to have sex with her. I greet her with a “hey” because being respectful is said to help your success when trying to bang a DC, right? She replies “I wouldn’t even talk to you if I had to” with an a frustrated tone and rude face. I say you know what? You’re not even real, this is all my dream, you’re in my head. I say see watch this I cross my legs and float up near the ceiling, levitating. She looks distraught and was hell bent on insisting I was somehow a trickster or liar. I flap my arms like a bird while levitating and say look there are no strings attached to me, I am floating and I start barking at the man sitting on the edge of the bed beside her to wave his hands over me to prove it and I begin to wake up.
I think I woke up because I got too frustrated.

Does anyone have any suggestions for success at having DC sex and or proving to the DCs it’s a dream

Was reading another thread, Here, just before coming upon yours and they could be related.

"Recently, I imagined that a very simple way to hack characters would amount to picture ourselves in their places. I tried (this technic) in a lucid dream… and it worked ! =D I controled captain Haddock ! He did all what I did ! "

Maybe you’re uncomfortable with that role so your dream character is? Or self-esteem issues may be causing your dream character to associate that with you? Not saying this is the case, just exploring options.

Then there’s the part where you’re showing off the powers that you have to this woman. If you were in her shoes and someone you found unattractive started floating up to the ceiling, saying that your entire life was a dream and acting crazy would you be turned on?

I’ve noticed with my own explorations that a good deal of dream characters seem opposed to the idea of you knowing you’re dreaming…if not the idea that they’re in a dream to begin with. I’d say, keep your abilities to yourself and explore the dream further. (Easier said than done. I have a showy streak as well.) Or maybe keep the abilities to a tamer level, like lifting a small object with your mind, and see how the character(s) react before continuing to grander things like levitating.

Lastly, you seem frustrated in the reaction you get and immediately jump into belittling her. “You’re not even real, this is all my dream, you’re in my head.” Nothing really more degrading than saying someone or something isn’t real… Instead of focusing on this particular character…maybe leave her be? I mean, if you’re getting that rude reaction from a simple “hey” then why care about having sex with her? Doesn’t seem worth it to try to impress her when there’s the whole rest of the dream universe to see. And the whole rest of the dream universe full of potentially attractive women who aren’t rude. Maybe your dream girl is just down the road, wondering when you’ll get tired with trying to impress the superficially attractive ones.

Anyhow, just some ideas. It’s your mind so you’ll have better insight than me.

Makes sense. Thanks for the advice. I think it would be funny to find some people walking down the street and just start floating along side them casually and say hello to see how they react

When it comes to dream control, regardless of the goal you want to achieve, I find it a lot easier to summon non human DCs. Think robots, holodecks, simulations, statues and dolls coming alive. You could try entering games, films, pictures, etc, which are relevant to the scene you want to experience.

In a lucid dream, we usually get exactly what we expect, consciously or not. We expect humans to have wills.