silent sounds

I have recently discovered the phenomenom of silent sounds. This is where a sound, usually a subliminal message, is encoded within another high barely audible sound. When using silent sounds, you cant hear the message, but it is decoded by our subconscious, making this an amazingly effective technique for subliminals.

I am going to try a silent sound of me repeating something such as, ‘when i’m dreaming, I will realize it’s a dream’. and listen to it before i go to sleep. So I will tell you the results on the moro. But has anyone already tried this?

Is there someway I can download Silentsounds?

well if you have cool edit (or audition) then you can. You can download a script that creates a silent sound from your recording. You can download the script here:

Once its downloaded then you open your affirmation (recorded or downloaded) into cool edit, then go to Options–> Scripts —> Open/New, then select the script and choose which form of silent sound you want to create, then press run. It will process the file to create the silent sound.

I thought people might want to know a little test i did with these silent sounds.

Irecorded myself reading out a hypnosis induction form the net, and encoded it in a silent sound. I then listenbed to the sound and noted the effects and the times i felt them, and it turns out the times matched the times that i spoke out the same thing almost perfectly. For example, listening to the silent sound i felt my feet go numb at 18 seconds through. On the original recording i said something like ‘your feet are becoming relaxed and limp’ at just before 18 seconds.

Note that when making the file I never noted any times, and I didnt even know the script well, I just read it striaght off the website.

heh, I have never heard of anything like this, but sounds really great!

I don’t have cool edit pro or audition. Are there other ways to do this, maybe with free software like audacity? Do you think you could make the lucid dream induction mp3 into a silent sound for us?

Mmmmm, I think you could do it on other prograsms but I don’t know how you would go about it, as I don’t actually know the process (on audobe the script runs automatically throguh all the processes)

I will make the silent sound for you, where can I find the sound file?

Ooooo this sounds promising… i’m going to try this out… where can i find a hypnosis induction script?

Here is the thread where the mp3 can be found. its in the first post.