Simulating Lucid Dreams in Real Life

My apologies about related techniques, because this is quite simple.

“If you are lucid in real life, you can also train yourself and use it for LD planning”

Some people don’t have much LDs and when they get the first, they are way too excited to keep themselves inside the dream.
While others can get LDs frequently but are not able to achieve what planned earlier.

I had that problem until I created LD Simulation (but I may not be the first to create that, I apologize).

LD Simulation

LD Simulation is a Lucid Dream Incubation technique to be done while you are in a higher level of awareness, you can train yourself just in case of a LD:

  • Do RCs: if you are dreaming, then it turns into a LD;
  • But if you aren’t dreaming, you can still use it for your advantage.

If I were dreaming, what am I supposed to do?

The first thing to do in a LD is to keep calm.
You can grab something solid or touch the wall to keep yourself inside the dream scenario.

Wait until it is vivid. Look at your hands and the place around, it seems very effective.You might need several seconds to do so, counting up to 30 is a good idea because you cannot feel the vividness in real live. I remind: I’m telling you to do this in real life.

You should be vivid and lucid by this moment (if it were a dream). Now it’s time to remind yourself about your situation and try to remember your plans.

You need to remind yourself that it is a dream, maintain focus and so on.

Sample answers to test questions:
What are you thinking about? “dreaming subject”
Where are you now? “In a scenario inside my dream”
What are you doing? "maintaining focus "
Are you aware of your surroundings? “yes, it’s a dream scenario”
What are you supposed to do next? “do my LD plan”
What have you done earlier? “Attained vividness”
Are you aware of yourself? “I must be lucid and continue that way”

After reminding about the LD plan, picture the dream as planned and imagine the beginning of it.

NOW DO A RC. You might be actually dreaming but skipped the earlier RC;

If you aren’t dreaming, you can stop your training, and maybe, do it again.

Hint: The easiest way to simulate an LD, is starting from simulating a FA. Yes, do a False False Wakening!

You can wake up during the middle of night, simulate a FA initiated LD and then get back to bed (WBTB).

That’s all I can say, the plan is up to you.

Good topic no replies. Is the reply button broken or something?! :tongue:

Anyway, I’ve already tried parts of this technique before reading about it. Sometimes before going to bed, I pretend to be in a lucid dream for a couple of minutes. Looking around as if my house was a dream environment. I have got a couple of LD’s at nights that I did that.

I’ve never tried it as False FA in the middle of the night, though. I’ll see if I can try that tonight. At least, if I manage to wake myself…my motivation is a little low lately. It’s like my LD intentions are hollow and mantras don’t reach my subconscious anymore.

I’ve done that, and it worked for me.
Bad thing is that people often don’t understand when I’m in school and I try to fly. :sad:

Haha, same here :razz: They start laughing when I count my fingers :razz:

oh, thanks BeRightBack for the positive bumping, I admit I did 2 RCs when I saw the name of this topic featured on “Recent discussions”.

I find doing it with WBTB more effective than just reading about LDing and stuff. Also it helps LD planning.

If you manage to sleep quickly, the LD can be very similar to the simulation.

Good luck for all.

No luck last night, but at least I did do some RC’s when I woke up. I didn’t really succeed in raising my awareness with questions nor really tried to fake a FA, though. So I still have some work to do.