Sleep Paralysis induce problem

Hi, almost every night i try to induce sleep paralysis, but i have some problems. This is my tehnique:

I lie down, then i take 100 deep breaths. My face, arms and chest vibrates when I’m at the 30-35th breath. Sometimes I take more than 100 deep breaths, but every time, only my arms get paralyzed and it hurts. I can move my feet. I must mention, I’m a sleepwalker.

My questions are:
How to become 100% paralyzed and able to WILD?
Can I become paralyzed forever?

Yes, you can become paralyzed forever, but only if you suffer a major spinal injury. In other words, no. Not in SP.

Your body naturally paralyzes you every night so that you don’t reenact your dreams. Sometimes there are malfunctions with this, hence sleeptalking and sleepwalking can occur.

As for your technique, I’ll send you here. Get 4-6 hours of sleep before trying WILD if you aren’t already.

Also, I want to gently remind you that WILD isn’t for beginners, and if you don’t have much DR then WILD won’t help it improve. Whatever you really want to do, though.

Normally your body doesn’t need SP until you sleep(sleep paralysis), well until you dream. So, when you go to bed at the beginning of the bed time you need around 90 - 120 minutes to enter first REM stage where you dream and only then your body will be under SP.

That’s why is suggested that you try that after few hours of sleep because then your previous stages will be shorter and REM stage will be longer therefore you will enter REM stage much faster. Then if you are able to stay conscious through the process of your body falling asleep and entering SP you will experience the features of the SP…

But why my legs won’t paralyze?

Try letting it set in. Sometimes the SP is weak, but you’re getting there. Wait about 30 seconds (Don’t count, it’s doesn’t have to be accurate). Also, don’t take deep breaths and concentrate on your breathing, just breathe normally.

Well I don’t know much about sleepwalking. You should seek your answer somewhere else if you don’t get good answer here. Also it wouldn’t hurt if you ask your doctor more about that but if he puts you on sleeping pills those usually mess with your REM stage…