Sleep paralysis

Hello. I read a lot on many sites about how to induce ld. Those sites say to relax your body into sleep paralysis but keeping your mind awake. I tried doing this and I felt my body gets heavy and they even went numb. Is this sleep paralysis?

There is also something that I seriously need to ask. When I decided to get up from my sleep paralysis, I heard this loud ringing noise in my ears and I can’t hear my surronding noises very clearly but it doesn’t last longer than a few minutes. have anyone felt this before and what exactly causes it? Is it because my ears are still “asleep” after I get up?

no thats all part of WILD, basicly the first stages of it. if you would have continued it would have probably led to an LD

It was SP if you couldn’t move.
It’s all part of the HH and SP…

Just don’t move and don’t do anything…Then you will maybe get an LD.

Would this bring me into a ld even if I don’t fall asleep at all?

How could you dream if you are not asleep? :confused:

Lucid dream is also a dream, and you must fall asleep in order to get one.
Why are you asking?
Just don’t move…

But if I fall asleep, won’t that mean that I will lose control and get lost in my sleep instead of getting lucid? I tried not moving and felt kind of groggy, like as if I was entering sleep.

You got it all wrong.

Lucid dream can ONLY occur when you are ASLEEP!
It’s like every other dream, you only have control over your actions and you are conscious.
In order to get a lucid dream, you must first fall asleep.

yeah, in a lucid dream you are asleep. The only difference is that you are conscious while you’re asleep

Oh, so I don’t move, don’t think too much and just fall asleep like every other day?

The WILD FAQ will explain all of your questions here.

You can fall asleep and remain conscious without noticing it. After the FAQ look at tutorial in knowledgbase if you feel like you would give WILD a try.

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Well, that and I’m not in a good mood.I’m sad again, new problems.
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