So many fake lucid dreams!

I have been trying to lucid dream or a while but am yet to have an actual lucid dream. Instead of that I get these fake lucid dreams which I have had 3 times. They start with a dream and in the dream I go to sleep. My dream person then proceed to have a lucid dream but I dont become lucid becuase althoigh I do do reality checks, my dream person expects them to work so I dont actually realise Im dreaming. I still do cool stuff but I am not lucid. :confused: Any tips on how to stop having these fake lucid dreams and start having real ones?

Good news! If you’re having fake LD’s you’re much closer than you might think. You mentioned doing reality checks and “expecting them to work.” This highlights how important frame of mind matters during RC’s. If I can shamelessly plug myself, check out this article I wrote a few years ago:

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You were right. I got my first LD. I woke up early and went back to sleep using FILD but it didn’t work so I fell asleep to SSILD. In my dream there were two version of someone and I was like ‘im dreaming’ BAM. I was immediately in my bed in the dream and all I could see was the colour white. I tried to stand up and woke up. :smile:



Yay! Congratulations!

This is happening to me, any advice?
I have started using logic in my dreams but somehow don’t realize that I am dreaming. I do all kinds of cool stuff that seems very lucid dream like but I don’t think I am lucid. Last night I was getting one of my dream characters to write a book that I could copy but I was woken up very early on. I even have a sense of taste in dreams. Any ideas?