So Realistic

Hey Guys!

Have you ever had such an amazing life like lucid dream that it is just as real as real life? For me every single lucid dream is like this. I have never had a problem with dream recall. I can easily say that I remember basically every dream I have every night with no hassle. I have also noticed that lucid dreams tend to happen more when I have very vivid dreams.

Whenever I ld, there is nothing that distinguishes it from real life. Look around right now see what you see and feel what you feel. This is how my ld’s feel like. When I wake up from an amazing flying session I feel amazing. It is as if it is a real life memory. I can remember in particular a ld that I went flying and felt the rush of the air. My clothes ruffling like a flag in the wind and it was every bit as real as real life. I have read many things on lding and can honestly say that I have done my research. Most people from what I have read have a problem with staying awake when they become lucid. I am exactly the opposite. In about half of my ld’s i have had to search for my physical body lying in bed. It is very difficult. I close my dream eyes and concentrate on feeling my physical body. It is so hard to do this that it is like trying to do the same thing when awake.

Anyway, with the ld s that i have been having, I have begun to wonder when I am dreaming. What I mean is that reality has begun to seem fake or dream like. I wouldn’t say that I can’t tell the difference between the two mostly because in a dream I am like a god and in rl i cant do anything that I can in a dream. It is so life like though everytime and I actually have a hard time waking up from a lucid dream. LOL!

Anyway, have any of you guys experienced this awesomeness yet?

I had one of these last night, it was great :happy:. The only difference for me is theirs just this great feeling I have in a LD and the physics are usually of.

I wish i never had a problem with DR, but i truly do have a bad one
And yes! Real LD are my JOB, it is intense how real they get

I’m definately like this when I LD, but also sometimes in ND’s I notice afterwards how detailed and crystaline everything was, just like watching a movie in HD.

I have to say that you are very lucky!

I had a few lucid dreams like that and while in them I was like oh look that and that and that, oooo what is that?!! That all looks like in real life…

^^ those were my reactions, and that is amazing experience and when you add that to what you can do[and you can do whatever you want] then this is most amazing experience that can be…

Congrats and keep with good work!

I have never had a dream so realistic, but I’m trying, and I’m sure I’ll have it one day (night, actually). :smile:

Hey first of all Congrats,
Can u tell me when u started lucid dreaming? What techniques u employed to get lucid?

Some tips for making a dream more realistic(stable):

Pretend theirs a pill in your pocket that will make you more lucid and eat it, works every time :tongue:
yell “Lucidity times one-thousand!” <-- another really good one
rub your hands
notice your surroundings
I think spinning works but I’ve never tried it. is a great article, I think it has some stuff stabilizing dream but it is also a great article if your new to Lucid Dreaming.

I have had several LD moments when I’ve wandered around in my house and outside of it, and I remember that in my last LD I was outside in the middle of the night and then suddenly I saw a great light on the ground from a streetlight and I was actually shocked at how realistic it looked at that moment - I was like “wow, holy crap, this looks VERY real” - and then I instantly woke up, for obvious reasons.

I mean it was literally as if someone lit up the ground with a strong flashlight or something, it was the exactly same dramatic brightness as you would get from a strong light in the middle of the night.

Thanks for posting you guys! I find it very interesting how dreams can be so realistic. I sometimes even get mixed up in what is a dream and what is reality. My memories do I mean. I have to go through the memory and decide whether it originated from RL or a dream. It gets very confusing sometimes.

Reaction from two weeks ago:

“Hm, should I walk around outside in just my boxer shorts?
What if all this is real life?
I’m starting to have doubts about this even being a dream here…”

That’s how realistic it can feel sometimes.

ive only had one extremely realistic and vivid lucid dream. I really wish I could have more :smile: It really is quite a magical feeling once you get very vivid lucid dreams.

Yep, I’m really amazed at how unknown lucid dreaming is to the public - when I mention lucid dreaming to people they seem really surprised and find it new and fascinating.

I’ve had quite a few like that. My first one, funny story, I was sitting in bed and there was a pack of oreos on a tv tray near my bed. Definitely a dream. Well, you can’t get tummy aches while dreaming, so I opened the pack and while I was pulling out the cookies I decided I wanted more. Lots more. There were oreos and fudgeos and goody rings all over the bed, I could hear them crunch when I fell into them, feel the crumbs… but the sense of taste was what got me. The flavor and texture was perfect!

I’ve had others where I stare at the veins on leaves and just stroke them, or there was one where I got hurt and could feel pain. Sometimes I am certain some of my dreams are more vivid than reality, if that makes sense. There are a few it takes a lot of effort to convince myself it’s truly a dream.

I envy you guys. My dreams are always hazy because I keep forgetting to take a lucid pill.
I’ve gotta get back into Lucid Dreaming and try to increase my vividness next time.