Some general questions regarding newbieLD!

alright, some time ago i heard bout this lucid dreaming subject on 9gag, and i got totally stuck with it. iv’e been reading 20 different guides, techniques and loads of stuff regarding LD’s. all i can say is that i’m pretty damn determined i’m gonna learn lucid dreaming!
therefore i thought it’d be easier to ask some questions here to more experienced dreamers instead of reading even more guides.

iv’e read about many techniques in order to become lucid, but the problem for me is that i have actually no clue what kind of method i should begin with…
however, iv’e been updating my dreamjournal for about 4 nights in a row, and iv’e remembered 1-2 dreams/night. most of em pretty fuzzy and not that vivid,
so my questions are;

  • what method would be the easiest to begin with, and how many times do i have to try, approximately, before i start doin some progress?
    *This WILD technique intrested me alot, but iv’e read about some failures during the sleep paralysis bout some hallucinations and the infamous “old hag”… what can i do in order not to experience these hallucinations, and will the odds increase to fail if i think about thse hallucination and failures?

if you think of any good tips that you think wud fit me well, please write em all down!

** I’m sorry if this is wrong place to post questions like these, but i didn’t reallt know where to~

thanks alot! ;=)


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Another Mattias!? :spinning:

I think you’re starting out pretty good. Reading a lot, writting down your dreams and now posting in the forum :razz: (that helps too, I swear).

You can take a look at this guide on how to choose your technique, to get you started. WILD is an interesting technique, but it can be tricky, specially in the beginning. Many people make the “mistake” to start out with WILD and only want a WILD believeing that it will give you LD’s at will. Any technique if mastered will get you LD’s at will… When WILD’ing you may or may not feel SP and get halucinations. It’s common, but some people don’t get them, or they are quick/weak. I’ve never seen anything scary whili in SP myself, the trick is to know that nothing can hurt you, that it’s all an illusion… then it gets fun! If I would happen to see the old hag I might just think “damn, you’re ugly! but so realistic! so cool!” the problem in SP is fear. The fear itself creates scary things and fear of these things make them worse. If you don’t have fear in the first place SP can be fantastic and surreal :tongue:

Anyway, most people don’t suggest starting out with WILD. I suggest MILD. It’s pretty simple and can work very well. Or you may want to give FILD or SILD a try. Most techs need some experimenting to perfect for each person. Try one for a while and see what you get.

General tips:

  • don’t focus too much on not having a LD. If you try a technique and you don’t get lucid but have amazingly vivid ND’s, count that as a success and keep trying!
  • try WBTB whenever you can (when you can sleep as much as you like, that’s when I do it). You don’t have to stay 1 hour awake, just a few minutes can be enough, write in your DJ and go back to sleep, for example.
  • writing down your ND’s and really enjoying them can help a lot, besides you’ll find out that normal dreams can be as amazing! The more detail you write down the more you’ll start remembering (I type mine in the computer, writing a lot bores me :lol:)
  • Do RC’s. Many people do them X times a day, but I do them mainly when I find something weird going on.
  • try to take it lightly. Getting frustrated when you have no success only makes things harder. Try to have fun and enjoy the process of learning.

that’s all I could think of… :happy:

oh, and welcome to LD4all! :wave:

Yeah i alsoGot on the subject from 9gag, but it just interested me because i had had these weird paralysis sensations twice in bed and they freaked me. So when reading that i finally knew where it came from. Well i was intruiged so started reading and watching bout every video. I started with MILD just because its sonething ongoing and you can practice it throughout the day. I’m about 3 weeks in now just reading n doing RC’s couple times a day.

Had my first real lucid dream bout 3 days ago, and ill tell you it was amazing, it was really groggy and not realistic at all, it felt like a normal dream. But then i jumped of a balcony and it was amazing! I pretty much woke up smiling.

But i have also tried WILD a few times, all of the times failing. My fridnd uad a succes story, so i think you wont know until you try. But the paralysis and stuff really freak me out though, you start hearing things and my heart starts thumping heavely, and i just dislike the sensation. One time though i was trying WBTB and was really imagining my dream cause i wanted to go back into it, and well i started with a familiar place and just analised every cm of it. So really focussing on the dream itself, and then after a while i found myself going through the paralysis ride and started hearing things, i couldve carried on and i probably wouldve entered some sort of LD but yeah as i said its just your personal experience, i really dislike the feeling so im not relying on that technique.

I am actually in the same group as you, Mattias. I started my DJ about a week ago, and now I’m remembering at least 1 dream per night. I recommend looking through your DJ and looking for dreamsigns. If you see them IRL, do a RC. Also, be confident. It doesn’t matter if it takes a day, a week, or a year, as long as you believe it’s going to happen, it will happen.

My technique that I’m starting to use is MILD right before I go to sleep (telling myself to remember my dream), wake up 4.5-5 hours later, write down in my DJ, and go back to sleep using SILD (which can be found in the Quest for Lucidity part of the forum.

Good luck fellow newbie!! :smile:

hey Im also starting out just like you.
About a week and a half in experimenting somewhat. I felt MILD was pretty effective, although it doesnt invoke a LD it did help me with my DR alot. Was able to note down three of them, and the last one felt sorta like I had some power in it, like my internal desire knew I wanted that decision, hard to explain.

But doing a WBTB seems promising. I tried it once, did a little bit of SILD then try to attempt a WILD. I had funny vibration going on, happened three times before I gave up.

Good Luck :razz:

alright, appriciate it alot guys!

yeah iv’e stumbled across several guides sayin u shudn’t be afraid of any of these hallucinations, since you know they cannot hurt you.
when i wrote this post i wasn’t familiar with the techs FILDS and SILDS, so i’ve read some guides about em’ and i really find this FILD tech very intresting…
tonight i’ll give it a try, also heard many ppl remembered their ND’s much easier with the SILD & FILD techs , so i’d be thankful if it could do that as a start ;=)

im just like you guys, 2 weeks practising, keeping DJ. Im doing a lots of RCs, but i didnt got my first ( and only) LD with RC, i just realised im dreaming, i dont know how…

Theta waves help so much in WILD, if anyone of you want to try it…

okey, yeh sounds intresting… where can I find “thetawaves” and how am i supposed to use them? i assume it’s some kind of soundtrack or smthing, but wud it be best to use headphones or ordinary loudspeechers?

theta waves :

well i am not sure how the theta waves music works with your brain, but you relax much more easier!

(use headphones for better results)

You need to use headphones for it to have any effect. Each ear will get a slightly different tone and the your brainwaves will sync to the difference between the two tones (something like that xD). Anyway, it won’t magically give you a LD, but it can help relax and meditate and get into a closer “frequency”.

First off, do yourself a favor:
Forget 9gag. As far as I know it’s bad voodoo, I’ve only heard bad things about it pertaining to lucid dreaming, spreading all sorts of hysteria about certain topics of lucid dreaming, which is probably what your talking about with the “hallucinations” and “old hag”. Sure, some of these stories might be true, but come on. It’s even got “gag” in the name.

Now, as far as “theta waves” go, here’s the deal on them: Their a type of naturally occurring wavelength, and their any wave between 4-7Hz. Now, what does a wave have to do with dreaming? Well as it turns out, the brain’s wavelength patterns just so happen to measure anywhere from 4-7Hz when in the REM sleep cycle, AKA when you have dreams. We, being humans, cant perceive such a low frequency (so I believe), and so we try and perceive them through “bi-neural beats”, merely causing what’s called “destructive interference” between two waves. So say you’ve got a 10Hz wave and a 6Hz wave, slam 'em together, and whaddya got? 4Hz left.
Back on topic, by the brain perceiving these waves, it’s supposed to cause the brain to try and become “in-phase” by matching the wavelength, inducing some feelings you may not otherwise feel. Meditating while listening to theta waves can induce some interesting feelings, especially while trying to induce physical hypnagogic hallucinations or a split-mind effect. Note: Theta waves are only one type of wave the human mind can produce, each wavelength represents a different state of mind, each varying in speed and intensity. They go from highest to lowest in Gemma-Beta-Alpha-Theta-Delta, ranging from the highest state of physical consciousness to black-out sleep.
I’ll upload some pictures of some recent work I did into what they would look like compared to a natural frequency of 10Hz with a wavelength of 20m and an amplitude of 5, they should provide a bit of a better understanding of these “wavelengths”.

Now, as far as WILDS go, I wouldn’t obsess over them too much with so little experience. Sure, it would be great researching it, and meditating trying to induce SP or a split-mind effect, or HH, or even trying it as just practice, but trying it and expecting results without first having a few lucid dreams can make a person loose interest. Following a project with little to no results makes a person weary of the subject, and lucid dreaming isn’t something you want to lose interest in. I would say experiment in a few other areas, see what works best for you, and then coming back to WILD and really tackling it head on once you have the knowledge of what it is your facing.

Here are the pictures of the waves. Now, keep in mind, all the data besides the frequency(in Hz) is in relation the the harmonic-1, or the “fundamental”, meaning these are just what they should generally look like. I can’t really see what wave would have a wavelength of 20, dont ask me, I simply used it as an easy point of reference.

In order, thats:
T(cycle in seconds)=1/frequency
frequency(f) of a harmonic to the nth place=the place of the harmonic * the frequency of the fundamental, or harmonic1
wavelength=2L(length of an anti-node)
Rate® in comparison to the harmonic1=frequency/L

Explaining a bit of my madness, also that C, or 1C=one cycle.

L, or 1 antinode-10m, f-10Hz, A(amplitude)-5, wavelength-20m, v-200m/s, 1C-.1 second.
The harmonic-1, the fundamental, the keystone to all the research here. This natural frequency is nothing more than a vibrating string, but all the wavelengths being displayed here today are based off of this one little vibrating string. Funny how science works, eh?

Gamma waves in all their glory. The highest form of attention a person can give something, this is what your brain looks like when it’s bombing a calculus test.

Your usual state of consciousness, nothing special.

Note: The calculations for this wave is UNDER the “ALPHA” sign. This is both your brain on pot, and your brain while watching tv. Go figure.

These are what we’ve been looking for. These waves are what your brain goes through during REM sleep and while in dreams. This is the calming state of consciousness you’re looking for if you want either some serious meditation or a lucid dream/OBE/astral projection.

Delta waves. Not much to say here, if you’re going through this your either under some pretty heavy sleep, knocked out, or a zombie of some sort. Or maybe a vegetable. Either one, I guess.

At any rate, there are some gaps here, as you may have noticed. I had some issues calculating the wavelengths of the theta-delta waves, I decided not to write them seeing as they were just sort of…weird.
Hopefully these provide a better understanding of these waves in general. If not, and if your actually interested in them, read up on some more material covering the subject, they have plenty of material on the internet regarding all of this :content: