some good advice would be nice :)

hey LD4all its been a while for me unfortunately, ive lost my DR…basicly i have to start all over again. does anyone have any suggestions? thank you :smile:

That’s unfortunate!
My advice would have to be… go to bed as early as possible, if you get more sleep - you’ll have more dreams, then the more likely it is to remeber them.
Also, always write in your dream journal. Even if you don’t remember anything. Gradually try to work your way up, starting at remembering fragments of dreams, to entire dreams.

Hope this helps!
Moonlight Dreamer.

The guides we have here would be what you need. :wink:
Dream on.

@moonlight dreamer
that’s not quite correct, the first part at least, true, you can stay in bed longer in the mornin and drift in that wake up, roll over, have another dream state, but you’ll be mostly awake, so you’re very likely to wake up mid-dream(which isn’t nice), true it helps DR to between those dreams think about what it actually was you dreamt, you don’t even have to write it down, just re-imagine what it was that happened, make it a real memory, then write it down if you want, but first lay still and remember as much as possible, for me i can remember a dream every morning almost, but will have forgotten it by the time i showered, and because i don’t have time to write it all down before that i just think about what it was i dreamt sometimes, especially if it was something interesting, then again, i usually wake up by my alarm clock(2 of them actually) and have to turn that off first, in which case i usually will have forgotten half of the dream already… so i don’t really work on my DR, haven’t much for years, which is probably also the reason i rarely have lucid dreams anymore (1 in the last 2 years i think)

I recommend using a DJ again.
Also, check my signature for some motivation if you don’t feel very motivated.

Well, you know the methods I guess.
If not’ read from the LD4all home page, or enter the knowledge base and read the guides.

I wish you luck, friend.

A new DJ, willpower and motivation if you gonna ask me. :3
With that combo you will get ld’s without even really yrying, works better then most teqniques.