Something Cool, Just thought I'd Share it :)

Ok, so I’m a bit of a horse freak. I love riding, and I’ve been riding for 3 years, taking weekly lessons. A lot of my dreams take place in the barn where I ride at. So, I’ve gotten into a habit of doing RCs whenever I go to the barn.

Recently I became very interested in the Gypsy horse breed. They are these beautiful horses with long manes and tails and incredible feathering. I was reading up on them a lot last night. Then, when I went to bed, I had a lucid dream. I was in the barn, and I did a RC and realized I was dreaming. I walked to the crossties where I usually tie the horses that I ride. But, instead of the usual horse there, there was this beautiful pinto Gypsy horse. He had no tack on, but I wanted to ride him. So, I lead him bridleless outside. While I walked with him, I heard a voice in my head speaking to me, and I knew it was him. He told me his name was Thunder. I started talking to him. We had a love/hate relationship, sort of like sibblings I guess. But then I got onto his back, and I had the most amazing feeling, like I could do anything. I leaned onto his neck and hugged him. He told me that he would come back in my later dreams. The dream started to fade, and I woke up.

Anyways, this probably sounds really stupid, but I think it’s kind of cool. If Thunder does come back in my later dreams, that would be so awesome. I’d ask him if he can fly, becase if he can, it’ll help me learn to fly. (because I haven’t been able to so far). I’ve been planning on finding some sort of dream creature that I could really connect to. But you can’t just look for something like that. You have to let it come to you. I think it’ll give me a cool way to explore the dream world, and it might help me with DCILD.

Tell me what you think. :content:

That doesn’t sound stupid at all, it sounds really awesome for you :content:. You might try to us him for the CALD technique

That sounds so cool :happy: Congrats!


Do you mean DCALD (Dream Character Assisted Lucid Dreams)? CALD is when you write a letter, number, or symbol on your hand and do a reality check whenever you see it. That’s what I was thinking about doing (I mean DCALD, not CALD).

Here’s a pic that looks kind of like Thunder, except for Thunder has a shorter mane and forelock: … nt-web.jpg

CALD stands for Character Assisted Lucid Dreams, just check the mouseover :tongue:. Or at least, that’s what it stands for here on LD4all. I’m not entirely sure what that other tech you were talking about is…

Yeah, ‘character’, as in a letter or number… I think. That’s what I’ve heard, at least. Dream Character Assisted Lucid Dreams are different… again, that’s as far as I know. :confused:

Just click on the link I provided :wink:

That’s LILD, as for Letter. :smile:

Anyway, for that dream,
Amazing. :grin:

Um… if you mouse over LILD, it stands for Lucid Dream Initiated Lucid Dream. I think that’s what I’m talking about… you know, asking a dream character to tell you you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming? But not Letter Initiated Lucid Dream. At least, Lucid Dream Initiated Lucid Dream (that doesn’t really make sense…) is what it stands for on LD4all. :smile:

Anyways, as for Thunder, I had a ND last night and he was in it! It was cool, but unfortunately I didn’t become lucid.