SP after LD, I need some information plz ^^

after using the WBTB with WILD technique I had a couple LDs but short ones when the second one start fading I tried to use the spinning technique and everything was white then I felt myself spinning in my bed when I opened my eyes I totally couldn’t move my body then I saw my chair spinning and a t-shirt jumping on it I tried again to stand up to see if someone moving it but I couldn’t then I decided to scream also it didn’t work… I start thinking that I’m still dreaming but nothing was different in my room. anyway I closed my eyes for a bit and opened them again and finally I can move and there was nothing on the chair…
well I pretty sure that wasn’t a dream…cuz my room looks different in all of my dreams
anyway is that what u call sleeping paralysis?
was I still sleeping or my eyes were opened that time?
is there a way to beat this thing… I mean I think it will happen to me again if I kept using the WILD technique

any information will help ^^ thank you

sry for bad english :smile:

you’ve experienced the “old hag” your brain dont know what happend to your body. If you try to move one of your finger’s the SP will end, and it you dont have to fear it because its just an halucination. For more info on that google “old hag” :content:

There are some good articles on SP and old hag by Ryan Hurd in our Article Space.

where is the article space?

Next time a dream turns all white, be aware that you’ll probably going to end up in another dream or FA. As far as I’ve experienced a dream fading into black means you’re waking up, white means you’re going somewhere else.

It is here. Located on top of the main forum page, right beneath the FAQ’s and Tutorials Section which you should also go through.

One of the articles moogle mentioned is here which is a discussion on SP in general, and the other is here on how to wake up from SP.


I think the halucinations while SP and dreaming are not far apart. Two nights ago I woke up from a short lucid dream. It was a false awakening. I started a WILD attempt to chain another LD and opened my eyes again, as it didnt work. I tried to leave my bed, but my legs were paralyzed.

I made a grimace (someone here said, making a “snout” would help) and immediately woke up properly, no SP at all.

So, is SP a dream of being paralyzed? Or is SP a state somewhere in between? If SP would be a “real” paralysis, why does it immediately stop when waking up completely?

You can feel SP while in a dream or out of one. When you are on the verge of a WILD, you’ll simply feel paralyzed while lying in bed (with or without hallucinations). On the other hand, it’s possible to be inside a fully formed dream and be a little aware of the SP, so the feeling of being paralyzed gets incorporated into the dream. That’s how I see it anyway :tongue: