I would like to try and start to lucid dream, but when people talk about SP it kind of freaks me out lol. I read about how people stay calm cause they know what it is after experience and ‘roll out of their body’ into another LD.

Would it be possible for me to stay calm and maybe do this since I read this information before it has happened to me, and make my SP more bearable and less freaky? Or would I have to experience the extreme fear it says I will be accompanied by at least once to gain experience in staying calm? lol…

If you induce SP yourself you probably will not get the feelings of fear that a lot of people talk about. Most of the time people have issues is when they have HH (Hypnagogic Hallucinations). Their mind attempts to figure out why they can’t move, often resulting in frightening images.

When you intentionally induce SP (a very important step in the WILD technique), you probably will not have the same issues. You will still have HH, but that is how you go from SP to LD. You will always have to deal with the fact that you cannot move; however, if you realize that this is just a natural part of your sleep cycle and stay calm, you will not have to deal with those feelings of dread or terrifying images.

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Anywho, I hope that helps. Good luck!

Since you have an idea of what to expect, I don’t think the experience (if you experience it at all) will be nearly as frightening, more weird and interesting. When it first happened to me, I was completely clueless and terrified, but I quickly taught myself to relax and enter another dream, and now the experience makes a great story. Finding out that this has a name and is normal comforted me that much more. Sounds like you are a lot more prepared than I was. :smile:

In short, do NOT let your fear stop you. You will come to welcome SP, since it often means you’re on the way to an LD!

Like the others above me said, you’re intentionally trying to enter SP so it wont be frightening.

The first time i was in SP I had no idea what it was, I started to hear whispers and sounds, I was so horrified i started praying. Then i found this wondeful forum :smile:

just 2 days ago I had another SP, unintentionally, but I knew what it was, I just rode with it and i was not scared but curios to how it happens. Then BAM I was in a lucid dream :happy: It was unbelievably vivid.

In short - don’t worry don’t be afraid because its an awesome experience

I actually had an SP this morning but it wasn’t accompanied by hallucinations luckily, and it was bright in the room. First I had a normal dream, then I woke up and thought I heard my alarm go off but it really didn’t and I couldn’t move my limbs. I didn’t freak out though because I knew it was an SP and as soon as the alarm went off, I could move again!
Strange, but cool.