SSILD (2.0) Tutorial

Wow I love this tech, I have done the new one twice, the first time I had a really vivid fa and the second night I had another fa bit realized it was a dream, it was a really low level LD but I still can’t believe it, LD on the second try, ihope my success with this tech continues and I get more vivid LD’s

You should be proud. Not many people learn to catch these FAs on the second try. Keep at it and you will be rewarded. I’m very confident about that now. On my personal forum there are a dozen people who already managed to record hundreds of LDs each within just a few months using SSILD.

So will this technique work even if I haven’t had an LD before? Also what is the average amount of time it takes to have success in with this technique?

Yes it will. This technique was created from ground up to be friendly to beginners. As for the average amount of time it takes, everyone is different. Personally I need between 5-10 minutes for it to work. Sometimes it can even take less time depend on the condition.

Ok it has been 6 days since trying this technique. I started to do it as soon as I laid down for the night and it proved to be effective in getting me nice and relaxed so I could fall asleep. If I woke up earlier than my time for work then I would use this method to fall back asleep but since I was headed to work my mind wasn’t really focused on LDing but just half heartedly doing it since I had woken anyways. I started to notice more vivid dreams this week and I also noticed that in my dreams I would begin to study things that were abnormal or interesting (upon wakening I would think how close I was to realizing that something wasn’t right!) Usually a DC or event would stop me before I noticed!

Fast forward to last night. It was my first night off that I did not have any commitments or work in the morning. So as usually I went to bed and did this technique. My baby woke me up at 4 am to eat and when I went back to bed I got comfortable and began this method. I only got 3 reps into the first cycle and fell asleep…I realized I was dreaming and got excited and started to wake up but I fell back into a dream before fully waking. However it was just a normal dream.

At 6 am the baby woke up again, same thing happened and I started dreaming and things would make me realize I was dreaming, I would do RCs and then transition into a normal dream, only to repeat the cycle of becoming lucid and then losing it! My last dream I was able to stay lucid for a while and then slip into a semi lucid state before waking up. I did that cycle of becoming lucid and doing my RC and then transitioning into another dream 4 times!!!

It was crazy to say the least and I was so excited when I woke up! If I could get a little further with the cycle I could almost bet my LDs would be way more vivid.

Thats awesome, my experience was the same way, I fell asleep before I was done with the cycle so I bet if i Finished it my ld would have been more vivid

My experience with this: I took a nap from 8:30 to 9:30 and went to bed at 10:30 (It was an exhausting day!) doing the SSILD technique. I woke up 3 hours later with an extremely vivid, yet non-lucid ND. I did the SSILD technique again and I woke up 3 hours later with the same thing. This happened over and over 4 times until I finally woke up from it all at 8:30 AM. The weirdest thing about it is that each SSILD ND started the same way. After some very intense hypnogogic images, I would walk into my kitchen and above my fridge would be a cabinet of DVDs. I would look at one for a while and then I would be transferred into a vivid dream. My question is: why, throughout all of this, did I not get a DILD?

I tried this technique at 7:25 am. It did the short cycles and the slow ones. The thing is, I kept getting distracted from the cycles because I was thinking about other things. I fell asleep, and just had a normal dream.

Everyone is different. Some people tend to encounter OBE or FA more often. I actually suspect some of the awakenings you mentored were FAs. SSILD is very good at producing super realistic FAs.

Now that I think about it, I might have had a few false awakenings, because during one of the 3-hour intervals after I had to go though some crazy hypnogogic images (Giant White Chinese symbols flashing in my face at about 40 times a second to be exact :grrr: ), I felt like I was coming out of it and I really did feel awake. However, I never opened my eyes, because assuming I was actually awake (which in hindsight I probably wasn’t), I just drifted off back to sleep. Now I know I’ll to remember to do a RC next time, thanks!

I had my second LD yesterday, because of SSILD!
Two tries, two LDs. Pretty good start!
Although I wish they’d be as vivid as WILD or MILD are.

Even though this seems to take some extra time, I’m used to not running on much sleep. However, must I wake up after a few hours? Because for the most part I can not go to bed until about 1am on weekdays. And on weekends, if I try, it’s still impossible to attempt to sleep before midnight. And I takes me ages to fall asleep anyway, if I were to wake up a few hours after going to sleep, then stay up for so long, I simply would not be able to go back to sleep.
So yea, is it possible to succeed with no experience at all and not being able to do that mid-wake up?

Wolf, I don’t stay up very long and I don’t set an alarm to wake up. My baby wakes me up to eat so I get up grab him and go sit in the rocking chair for about 10-15 mins and admittedly I am not even fully awake most times! (lol) I go lay back down and start these cycles. Honestly you don’t even have to think about it just start paying attention to your senses for a few seconds at a time and if you make it to the longer cycles then …great! If you don’t then that is great too! I usually only get 3 reps into the first cycle and pass out! Sometimes HI startles me awake but not usually. I also do it before I go to sleep as well and it relaxes my busy mind. I would like to hear how it goes for you wolf.

For optimal result you really do need to get up after a few hours of sleep. If that is not an option, you can try the chaining method. Basically you remember to do a few rounds of SSILD cycles upon every awakening! You will very likely run into intense hypnagogic sensations after a few tries so be prepared for them and don’t get too excited.

That indeed IS the right way to do it.

It sounds interesting. But if I need to get up and then go back to sleep I won’t be able to try this method for a long time lol. Like I said, I sleep in general about 5 hours a night. If I get only even 2 hours of sleep I am fully awake if I’m up for more then a minute lol Yea I’m tired but I can’t get back to sleep. It’s happened before in recent history - I went to bed at 2am, woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep until 7am then had to be up at 9am.

Though I’ll try the chaining method perhaps if I get a chance to. I’m nervous about the HI cause of my mind hating me and all but if it works I’ll learn to tame it. I did try a few cycles at some point yesterday so I think I’d easily be able to get that method down. Its just the rest of the method will be tough to accomplish lol

I’m having weird moments of really sudden realization that I’m in a dream, so bad that I went mad trying to get “fully” lucid and started throwing chairs around (in my dream of course). But funnily enough nobody in my dream seemed to care that I was trashing the place in a maddened attempt to get more lucid :happy:

Hello !
I have read your SSILD Method, cosmic.iron, and I am going to try it tonight for the first time. Can I have a lucid dream the very first time ? And as I have never had any lucid dreams, is it possible to have my first with the SSILD method ? :smile:

Thank you ! :content:

It’s very possible. This is a great technique for beginners.

I tried doing my first SSILD but I failed… :cry:
I think I wasn’t concentrated enough…

Question : If I go to bed at 11 p.m (23:00) and I wake up at 3.30 a.m (3:30) to do the SSILD method, at which time will I have my lucid dreams ?

Because I have a very bad dream recall and I can only remember my dreams if I wake up in the middle of them or if I put an alarm at 5.00 a.m.

So I was wandering when should I put the alarm ?

And another thing : after I have done the 6 quick cycles and the 4 slow cycles I have to sleep as quickly as possible… I am a quick sleeper and I am very hard to wake up, I felt pressure on myself trying to sleep quickly after SSILD yesterday night…
Maybe it was that pressure that caused me not to have a Lucid dream ? :sad: