Staying lucide

Hi there!

I’ve been practising lucide dreaming for some time now, 9 months or so. Getting lucide is going quite well, I’m having 2 to 4 lucide dreams a week! But I’m having a lot of problems staying lucide. Every time I’m lucide I think conscious or unconscious that I will awake because that happens every lucide dream. Of coure I wake up when I think about this. I keep trying to prevent this thought from coming up but it doesn’t work, but they keep coming up every lucide dream and the dream fades away and I wake up. :shrug:

I hope it is clear what I mean, because English is not my main language. Does anyone have any experiences or tips with this? All help would be great!

You should keep your thoughs away from waking life. The best way to do this is simply by having a lucid dream goal. Try to think of something you would like to accomplish in your next LD. Be determined to do it, and make sure that is the first thought that hits your mind when you become lucid. When you are busy during your LD, waking life thoughs will most likely stay away from you.
Being asleep and thinking about your real life body doesn’t fit together, therefore, you should prevent that from happening.

On the other hand, if you happen to think about your real life body, and you feel that the dream is ending, fading away etc., you can try to prolongen it by using some techniques.
The best technique I would advise, is rubbing your hands. This will stabilize the dream, enhance your touch sense and, most likely, keep you in your dream.
Another one is spinning around. This is also good for removing the fade effect.
You can use these techniques as a last resort, if you can’t keep your thoughs on anything else than your real life body.

Hope this helps, and your English is fine BTW :smile:

Thank you very much. So I have to make my own ‘‘dream story-line’’? I have never thought of it that way! And I already know those techniques but they don’t really work for me most of the times. I will think of some goals for my next LD and try to not thinking about waking life when I reach the lucide state and fully focus on those goals.

Yes, the key is to distract yourself from feeling your IRL body. If you think about it too much, you will wake up. You have to be inside your dream body, not your IRL body. This help helps to get rid of the sensation of lying in your bed.

If you want some ideas for what you can do in your LD’s, here are two topics which you might like:

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It’s good to have a plan on what you will do during the next LD. It keeps you from harmful thoughs and you won’t have to waste precious time of your LD thinking: “What should I do now?”.

Hy optimize,

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Thank you very much!