Step-by-step user's guide?

I’m an absolute noob on this, and I mean that in the sense that since I heard about LD I just asked myself “Why not? It could be fun” and from then on I have a little pocket notebook with a two whole dreams and lots of unconnected details. However, I’m still not lucid at all.

So I just was reviewing the LD4All guide again and thought that there should be some kind of “step by step” guide or so. Like instead of making lucid dreaming something imprecise and unpredictable, a “do this and this you’ll be likely to stay lucid” guide.

Unprovable yeah, but I just wondered why not making something like that for the people who have just began.

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There is one.
Dream Control Training Course

also there are lots of other very useful tutorials and articles in the knowledgebase forum.

Welcome to LD4all :welcome:

I believe making a step-by-step guide could be hard. There is no -right- way to reach or control lucidity, since everyone is different. Although, there are general guidelines and tips, that maybe could be made into a more “Beginner friendly” guide.

And welcome to LD4All! :smile:

States of mind are hard to quantify, and are all that’s pretty much needed to induce a LD, so it’s mostly up to you, with some exercises to point you in the right direction. At first, it depends on where you start from, then step by step one manages to reach the desired state and keep it for longer. If you want a suggestion that’s gonna work regardless, try meditation, that has helped nearly everyone that applied it.

Thanks, I’ll take a deep look on the guide; and thanks again for the welcome comments!