Still new to LDing.

I’ve just started trying to perform the exercise that i’ve been told to do from t his site but currently im only doing reality checks to help me get a lucid dream. reality checks are quiet helpful for me right now because its quick and easy rather than making a DJ and i have had a few dreams where i was half conscious but couldn’t hold on to the thought. Some RC’s I’ve been doing is just checking the clock, counting my fingers and trying to put my finger through the palm of my hand. Is doing RC’s enough to get me a lucid dream or do i have to also do some more things?

Well you are up to a good start but you’re doing a couple of things that can be improved :smile:

First of all, you need to keep a DJ. DJ’s are very important and should be done as well as(Or instead of) RC’s. A DJ increases your Dream Recall (Wouldn’t be very good if you had a LD and forgot it :razz:) and help the vividness of your dreams. Vividness is one of the key elements of LD’ing. When you have got very vivid dreams, lucid dreams will come automatically without any techniques. You may want to look at a brilliant guide about this done by Rathez here.

The RC’s you are doing are fine, the ones I do are quite similar to yours (I do 5 :smile: ). One is to look at my nose, then look at my hands, then look at my hair (Only works if you’ve got a long fringe), try to poke my finger through my hand and finally ask myself how I got here. Those are just some you can do if you get bored of your current ones.

Here’s a useful link that you may find useful:
Short descriptions about the various techniques, new and old

You’re very close to a proper LD, don’t despair. With all the tips I’ve given you you’ll be well on your way. Don’t worry if you don’t get any within the first month or 2, I’ve only had 5 and I’ve been doing it for 3 months lol :razz:

Good luck on your quest,
Rich :smile: