Suggestions on meditation?

I’ve been meditating every day now to make it habitual. The only problem and this has just arisen, is my body doesn’t seem to want to go into a relaxed state. When I do relax everything, my heart rate will JUMP up and all of a sudden I feel adrenaline and I have to start back at square 1 to relax again. My mind is totally awake as I’m doing this. I’ve counted down from 100 about 3 times and then the dogs start to bark. bleh.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

It might be an idea to try a different meditation method that suits you better? There are a lot of ideas in this old topic how do YOU meditate?

In my experience is good to have a technique that works to relax you but you need to let go and do nothing, not lean on any technique to “trigger” a meditative state, just sit…

Not that I am saying you are, I am just saying it works for me. No meditation has ever been the same format, I try different routes almost every time, but the fundamental parts to bring awareness and presence is focusing inwardly after breathing/feeling the aliveness in the body.

There can be a part of you that is getting frustrated because you arnt reaching a certain “state” that you have before, but its important just to notice what state is there … and be present…

Again this is what i have come to realise, and it helped me, i hope it can help you