Taking advantage of dream characters+DC stories

You can ask DC’s questions and tell them to do things right? Well, what if you tell them to remind you that you’re dreaming every time you dream. That way you can become lucid every night. Has anyone done something like that? Tell me some weird responses you’ve gotten from DC’s.

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XD Funny you should ask! This is sort of similar to CALD.
I made that up :stuck_out_tongue: You ask IWL made characters, or dream characters to help you become lucid XD~
I already know one person who has had their characters get him lucid everynight after he started up CALD.

Also-- I think there’s already a thread that tells about DC replies…

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What thread do you speak of?

Here you go ^^~
[Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part III - #45 by Talon_Arana)

That’s part 3, but…

[Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD)

Part one has all the description and questions and answers-- part 2 and 3 have basically been conversation.

Some people have gathered characters from dreams :3 2 or 3 to my knowledge, who have posted in the thread–
But I know there are some others who don’t post.

And one person even communicated almost solely in his dreams with his characters-- the princible is to have the characters get you lucid, either derived from a dream, or made while awake ^^~.

So all you do is ask and hope that the character will come through? And thanks for the info :grin:

    I am batman!

Lol, it’s a bit more complicated-- but yes XD In summary, that is it.

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more complicated… how?

   by the way...I'm batman! :dark:

XD I know!

It’s complicataed in how to make IWL characters-- how to help them follow-through.
But it’s on the thread ^^; So maybe-- maybe it’s just not too complicated if you think it’s not :D~

Ehe. Last night i convinced a DC that they were dreaming XD

I had to explain to them all sorts of stuff. It was interesting

XD haha, that sounds fun–~ Why not try to get a DC to go and get another DC lucid?
That’d be interesting XD~

That is a good idea. It would also be great to not only have them as people to tell you you’re dreaming, but also dream friends which you can hang out with in your dreams…

Hey, maybe I should design some dream friends.

It would have been cool if DC had helped me become lucid :content:. In one dream I had- I was writing on the wall “You’re not sleeping, you’re dreaming!” and “REM!!!”. It helped me to realized I was dreaming.

Hehe :stuck_out_tongue: yep! I’ve already had others do the same-- I’ve seen some pretty deep connections… It’s all in good fun ^^~ If you know boundries, then it’s just beneficial as well :smiley:

^^~ I know what you mean-- I don’t really realize though, when I start talking about myself dreaming when I am… XD~
When I get my characters to help me CALD effectively (just having my characters get me lucid) I usually realize by the colours in the dream that I am :P~

I would like to have DC’s that can help me get lucid, but I feel that I have to get lucid FIRST before I can actually speak to them and ask them to help me.

Yep~ :stuck_out_tongue: That’s a problem people tend to face when using DCs.
I use my consciously-made characters to try and get me lucid ^^~ One of my goals is to get an interesting DC out of those LDs XD~

Have you tryed asking a spirit guide. It really helps!

I feel that I need to be lucid first to speak to him as well. :razz: