Talking to the Awareness behind the dream???

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Hello Dreamers,

I’ve been :read: reading Robert Waggoners book “Lucid dreaming gateway to the inner self” ((this book blew my mind btw)) . It was sort of my first source of information about LDing. One thing I’ve noticed about the subject in the book is…he talks to the awareness behind the dream. Not DC or spiritual guides :angel: …he says something else answers, a voice from above him and all the dream stuff. Awesome observation in my opinion. Since im only on LD 3, I was wondering if anyone else has encountered something “above all the dreaming?” I’ve read through various threads in this forum and I don’t see anyone talking about this. :universe: :twirl:

The way I perceive it is more abstract than the way you seem to be interpreting. I see DCs, SGs and that “Awareness Behind” as a internal part of ourselves. Deep inside they share something in common. You don’t need to see it as a character for it to exist, and you don’t even need to dream to reach it. Then, I don’t think it’s necessary to ask for it during a lucid dream, but I guess it is easier that way.

Forgive me, I don’t think I made it much clearer.

Perhaps you would prefer asking Robbert Waggoner himself. He has an article here in LD4all. Maybe he replies PMs.

Thanks Tggtt.

I guess I was just wondering if anyone else besides Robert has tried to talk to the awareness behind the dream ((basically talking to your dream sky)) and getting responses. I do see what you mean by the sprit guides and DCs are sorta all the same…this “oneness” we all share. My lucid count is low as of now and I am curious as to whats behind this lucid stuff. I don’t know about others but LDing is like finding out Hogwarts exist :colgate: . REAL magic in a sense. Where I from, I was taught this stuff wasn’t real. Im beyond thankful for finding this natural magic :look: :fly: :obe:

Hopefully I get my lucid count up soon and be able to explore more for myself. :wiske:

wow, i have never heard of that book,yet “dream sky” spoke to me twice. that’s exactly how it felt. like a dream sky. and it was in HD surround sound too! i was minding my own business and all. that’s amazing :happy: :happy: :happy: i hope you succeed sheprettyodd. i never went looking for it the first time it happened
i need that book

soupfruit: off to amazon yet again :wiske: :wiske: :wiske:

hey and i only had NO lucid dreams at that point, so you dont have to be lucid for communication from the blue being thingy.

Hello Soupfruit,

I highly suggest that book to anyone interested in LD. He gives great insight and ideas on lucidity. I actually found this forum because of him :content: . Please read and share your thoughts on the book, I would love to hear from you. :wiske:

Good luck on your journey as well and I hope to hear from you soon :smile:

Hi again SkyPrettyOdd, I would like to ask about how you were taught that. Is it related to that sense of awareness behind the dream or just the LDing? I was searching for your “how you learned about LDing” but could find this:

I am very curious about the differences between people who are natural LDers and people who were skeptical and then discovered it.

I don’t know whether this is really linked to the topic, forgive me if it isn’t.

Hello Tggtt,

I think it was more of a journey for me than “taught”. Ive always been the odd ball in the family and ive always love space/aliens/magic etc. I grew up Christian ((Baptist)) and was taught to NEVER question it or ill burn for eternity :tempted:…its hilarious looking back and im glad I had the will to search for deeper meanings and what GOD really was.

I watched the movie “The Secret” and it changed my life because of “Law of Attraction”. As a kid I would “predict” or speak of things that would later on happen. lol, I thought I was a witch or something :cry: but that movie helped explain lot of what I was doing ((thoughts are things that can manifest)). From that day on ((2 years ago)) I started reading lots of books and mediating. “The Secret” movie lead to Mediation; meditation lead to binaural beats; Binaural beats lead to a Robert Wagonner interview on Youtube; which lead to his book “Lucid Dreaming: gateway to the inner self”; that lead me to this forum :content: . You can see why I say this was more of a journey for me. Before I read Roberts book ((4 months ago)) I never remembered most of my dreams…I never even thought of dreams as something important. Since reading his books, I’ve had 1 true LD, 3 low-level awareness LD or FLD :confused: ((there’s still a debate about this …lol)) and 1 OOB experience. I have other LD books that help with techniques but Robert talks more about the “oneness” and how connected we all are…just things I’ve never imagined to be true. To me, its like he is talking to “GOD” or the greater good when he speaks of the awareness ((he never says this, that’s my opinion)). I say this because he describes DCs, Spritual guides, and the “awareness behind the dream” all separate entities. He says: “its like a “higher self” is well aware of the “ego/physical-self” even if the ego-self is unaware of the higher self”. No matter if its waking life or dream life…something is always watching/analyzing/perceiving.

This is my purpose behind the subject of this thread. I wanted to know has anyone else just shouted things out to the dream and got a responds.
Its amazing what people are doing in dreams.

I hope I didn’t ramble to much.

I love to share my journey and hear about others who aren’t “Naturals” as well. Robert even talked about “Que” the owner of this site and im amazed at her and what she asked in her dreams.

She asked to see the beginning and end of the universe :eek: :seer: ((that’s a great Ask)) the dream responded in words from above “The universe has no beginning or end, it is eternal” :happy:
Que even travels through mirrors :mirror: in her dreams

I literally feel like a 2 year old, born again with this knowledge and self-power that was always there :look: :hyper: :wizard:. Sorry if I went on and on :tongue: . Hope this answered everything…if not, im always willing to go into more detail. :wiske:

Sweet Dreams :smile: