Techniqes to have more dreams.

Hello. I naturally know when I am in a dream, so I guess i’m a natural at lucid dreaming, but lately I’m having trouble having dreams wich is weird. please give me techniques to have more dreams. thanks!

I don’t really believe that you don’t have any dreams. When we sleep, we go trough a couple of REM cycles, and we dream. Maybe you just simply don’t remember any of your dreams, which makes you think that you don’t dream at all. I would suggest enhancing your dream recall. The best method is to simply have a dream journal and write there everything you dream. Even though you don’t remember anything, write something like “I didnt remember any dreams”. With time, you should be able to recall a few dreams every night.

I find it helpful to get up after about 5 hours of sleep and then go back to sleep again. At that time I can remember my dreams much better. At a weekend you can then maybe try to set your alarm to go off after 90 minutes write down your dream and then sleep for another 90 min. and write down again. A REM cycle is 90 min. long and most of the dreaming happens in REM sleep.
good luck.

Hy, here’s the topic about dream recall!

Yes, it’s mostly about dream recall, it seems that you are only recalling your lucid dreams because they are naturally easier to recall…

Probably there are non lucid dreams there that you are not recalling!

Also, it seems like you are asking about some cycle adjustment as well. Pay attention on how long you are sleeping, it shouldn’t be too few or to many hours. keeping a steady sleep schedule also helps.

And gah, I just noticed this topic is kinda old. I hope the message is understood.

We all dream every night. You just haven’t been remembering your dreams lately.
Relaxing, eating dairy products and vitamins, and general contemplation about things that interest you can enhance dream recall and vividness. Also, pay as much attention as possible to the five senses in waking life, observe what you see, hear, taste, smell and feel whenever possible.
A key factor, though, is relaxation. If you are stressed about what is happening in your life, you won’t reach the deep level of sleep required to really experience dreams, so try meditating or some means of clearing your head before you sleep.