Thankyou so much everybody!

Just thought I’d say thankyou to everyone who has helped me. I’ve gotten so much input on what methods to use and how to use them. Hopefully all this will come to help me get rid of my dry spell :content:

Though I didn’t help since I’ve been having my own dry spell all summer, I’m glad you think you might get rid of it! :content: Hopefully tings I find here will help me too!

man…you have big time dry spell. 1 LD ever. Might I suggest looking at this method:

[Castaneda's technique : looking at your hands)

This is the method I will be trying to use to get out of my dryspell. It will work eventually. Could take up to a month or more. Depends. :smile:

Don’t say that!! It’s going to work tonight!!! :happy:


Good luck with that tech bendrummin58!! Keep us updated if you make some progress or if the LDs are coming back. And yes, don’t just believe they come back, but KNOW it :smile:

BenDrummin58, Nefari, I’m sure you’ll have great LDs soon ! :ok:

dang it…this sucks. ok…i did the hands tech last night and i went to sleep. when i started to dream later on…i was in my house odly enough…and i kept seeing hands on the wall. it was really weird. then i looked at my hand and i said hey im dreaming!!! right when I said that…my mom is knocking on my door in RL and i had to get up to help out in the yard. I ALMOST HAD IT!!! ERGH IM SO MAD. >< hehe. main part is…is that it worked :smile: i found the main website for that method basilus wrote out. i saw the convo he copied off of. so yeah…that helped me tons.

ALSO…this goes to basilus…do i have to do WBTB with the hand tech?

Waw ! :happy: Congrats ! You did it the first time you tried ! :clap:

I never heard about WBTB with this method.
But as it is a sort of MILD, and MILD works a few better with WBTB, it could improve results too. If you wake up in the night, the best would be to suggest yourself again to find your hands in your dreams, before you fall asleep. Between two sleep periods, suggestion is enhanced, I think.

alrighty…thx a bunch