The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part II

-become a god
-revisit every single nightmare i’ve ever had, and then explode them out of dreamworld
-get inspiration for my novel
-clone myself
-turn into a woman
-rewright history
-go back in time
-get stuck in a time paradox
-blow somethings
-be with the DC of my loved one

There are a lot more, but I think those will keep me occupied for a while

-Meet SG
-FLY lotz
-Have a SD
-Complete ld4all Quest
-Jump off a cliff and just keep falling…

Meet my SG-Not sure
Have a DC draw me a picture-Check
Listen to music
Have a DC obey me-check

…Not sure what else to do…

In no particular order:
-Survive Titanic and other shipwrecks
-Explore vast dreamscapes
-Live life in dream-cities
-Have epic battles (medieval style)
-Learn all about a dream civilization
-Get a bunch of DCs with me and try to survive lots of stuff (volcanoes, tornados…)

I will step through a mirror.

I want to make a really big office. I’d visit that and there will be a large sort of desk with people working there. It’s like a bank, but you do not go there to request money. No, it’s a people-bank. You’ll write the name of the person you want to have in your dreams and they workers will get them for you.

I’d want to talk to Rudolf Steiner and Napoleon and all the people that I’ve seen once in my life. The ones that intrigued me, but when I was too shy to speak to them.

Also, I want to make Alice’s Wonderland. Oh, how lovely that would be.

  • “live” an adventure in the style of some of my favorite role playing games.
  • attempt to write music in a dream
  • come up with ideas for a 3d platformer game I’m making. This is mostly a test of my creativity while dreaming, but if it pans out, and I learn to LD more regularly, it could be incredibly useful.
  • Play my trumpet :happy:. Play something really challenging!

1). Relive Major wars (or specate) like the Pearl Harbor attack or the last stand of the russians and nazis.

2). Play a videogame, but be the character you are controlling. So get Left 4 Dead in ur dream and fight hordes of blood thirsty zombies.

3). Play a sport

4). Do drugs or get F**ED up.

5). Survive 9/11

6). Be Dane Cook for a day

7.) Be the opposite gender

:cool:. Look at your life likes its a DVD.
and the scene selection is each year of your life. Fast forward rewind or pause anywhere anytime.

9). Be a car.

10). Frame for Jonas Brothers for having wild XXX with eachother and put it on youtube.

11.) Make a list of things to do in your dream, put it on a poster and put it in a place where u can easily reach in your dream so you can go there incase your clueless.

Honestly I would play as my WoW character. Decked out in my epics I would love the feeling of summoning an army of the dead, spining with my duel maces, and howling blasting my foes… :happy:

Oh and I would want fight and ride a grizzly bear with my bare (lol pun intended) hands.

-fly>It never gets old
-complete the quests
-spawn things
-play with the mirror
-invent something
-have a revelation
-write a poem
-eat stuff
-play with gravity
-organize a battle and pwn everybody
-become the master of the world…sorry,my world :tongue:
-unlock hidden skillz
-do something incredibly stupid that not even the stupidest person in the world would do for all the values of his country
-get geared up with cool armour
-geat geared up with cool weapons
-play WG in my head
-kill that annoying classmate
-be surrounded by cuddly puppys and kittehs and hamsters and have grouphugs and playfulness
-pet a dragon and fly it

well if i have an Ld then i would…
FLY :fly:
have a massive battle in wich i would kick but using super powers
explore cool places
use magic
bend (from avatar last airbender)
see what my DC would say
and lots more

Have a Ld lasting a few hours or maybe a day or two but only a few hours IRL.

There I would create a civilazation and put people in it and make DC friends and advance their technology so they could live in space so the overcrowded earth was balanced. Then I would play around on the moon or the hotel thing like in Wall-E.

Or try to have a SD with my brother or somebody in my house. I would try to get all of my friends lucid and have a huge party.

I could go on and on and on for days but there’s a few ideas to ponder about.

  1. FLY :fly:
  2. go in a video game
  3. jump off a cliff and turn into a griffin half way down and fly away
  4. do magic
  5. freak out some DC’s
  6. explore cool places
  7. go extreme snowboarding
  8. shapeshift
  9. fun super fast
  10. jump into a tornado

he speaks the truth

I would like to live Mirror’s edge. that would be SO COOL.

Yeah having runners vision would be awesome. All that red flashing towards you ass you make quick movements, flips and such.

What about Gears or Cod WaW? OHHHH Left 4 Dead!!!

-run around with super speed
-ask a DC a hypothetical question
-punch the DC of my friend for going out with a loser
-punch the loser who said she wasnt good enough (we’re talking about real life, right?)
-change my appearance
-break my arm and fix it if a DC tries to help just to see their reaction
-shape shift
-use magic/create stuff

i would list more, but i gotta do those first

My to do list is…

  1. visit hippo in the labyrinth and give him his gift
  2. ask DCs questions
  3. shared dreaming with friends
  4. use teleport ability to visit named people
  5. use teleport ability for time travel
  6. use teleport ability to get to the location of magical objects
  7. use teleport ability to get to desired locations eg final fantasy :smile:
  8. use teleport ability to visit a wizard who would be able to transform me so I get to know what it feels like so I will be able to do it myself at a later date

just wanted to make a note somewhere … 7 out of my 34 LDs I have either got to the labyrinth or nearly got there.


  • If extending dream time is possible, I’d like to do this. It’d be incredible to be able to have a lucid dream last indefinitely; I’d want to return to the real world after a while, but I’d love the experience.

  • I’m vastly inferior at piano (due to playing for less than a year and not wanting to give my whole life to the instrument), so I’d like to practice in the dream, and get help from dream characters on improving my playing. I’d also make the experience much more entertaining by stretching the limits of my imagination while practicing.

  • I really want to try composing music while in a dream, and bring it into reality.

  • I’d like to try learning violin and guitar, again making the experience as entertaining as possible, even if the skills do not directly transition to real life. I’m sure it would give me a leg up on when I would actually try to learn violin, and guitar I am already moderately familiar with, but I would like to improve drastically.

  • Learning to fight would be really fun; not the violent type, just fighting as an art and for defense. I’d also like to play around with super-human fighting, something like in Final Fantasy.

  • I would love to just explore my endless imagination. Countless beautiful sights would be readily available for my entertainment; lush forests with forgotten ruins, secret passages within a volcano, underwater cities, snowy mountaintops, endless plains and hills, tropical paradise… It’s all easily experienced. Then, there’s fictional places from video games that I could see firsthand; the universe is mine to unlock.

  • I always have wanted to go on a great adventure like the ones in anime and video games. I could act the hero and go on an epic adventure with a party of reliable dream characters that would interact with me to accomplish whatever the end goal may be.

  • I’d like to experience a deep relationship with a character in my dreams. I don’t necessarily mean female or even human; whatever the character may be, I’d like to have a deep relationship that I can put full trust in.

  • Being a teenager, I have all these hormones affecting me, and my sexual drive is at its highest. As such, I’d like to interact sexually in some my dreams, and see what interesting and amazing situations I could create out of these feelings.

  • I have multiple character flaws, and would like to control these through training in a lucid dream. This also includes unlocking the barrier surrounding my emotions and my perception of reality. It’d be great to be able to come out of a dream having a more open mind and a clearer consciousness.

  • Manipulating my dream form would be awesome, and I’d be able to become comfortable in forms other than human. I’d also like to manipulate my senses so that I can experience things that are not able to be experienced in the real world.

Many of these could easily overlap to form a beautiful creation, which is what I’m striving towards for my dreamland. I just want to make the best of my life on Earth and unlock all the potential I’m capable of. I’d also like to have fun, mostly… Though everything I would do in a dream would be fun; I’d be such a waste to not enjoy myself. No matter what the goal or task, I would find the most amazing way to perform it, as that, I believe, is the true meaning of life. Unlocking happiness. And I believe that this can be found in every single activity imaginable, be it considered monotonous by some. I love life, and would like to experience it to its fullest.

Here’s three more:

-Become James Bond

-Hunt down the HVC gang and DESTROY THEM ALL!

-Make a best friend “Alanbob” and make him king of New York City!

oh oh, i have even more important things to do now:

  • study for upcoming tests, since i NEVER study or do homework in RL
  • draw a character and see if i can interact with them.
  • ride a motorcycle to the moon (if only i were old enough to get a RL license… but even then my parents wouldn’t let me get one)