The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part III

-have an LD tutor or go to LD classes
-invent a new color
-talk to DC’s

  • Find a DC i like ,and make a pact so he will become my Guide so he can come and find me each time i’m dreaming and tell me that i’m dreaming, if i’m not believing him ,he will have to make me watch my hands and try to breathe throught my neck.

-Laught out loud with an evil voice.

-Create my own Dropship and offer it to my Guide so he can pilot it.

-Explore, and bookmark the location so i can come back later.

-Enjoy Zero G

-Take a coffee with Doc house

-Take a break on a cool dream landscape

-Get in men in black and arrest some aliens with will smith.

  • to swim
    (for some reason I find swimming more exciting than flying)
  • to meditate
  • to speak foreign languages
  • to try to heal myself

-Learn more about myself
-Explore my dreamworld
-Take a supercar (Bugatti POWAH) and ran from cops (Looks very childish,but that would be awsome :happy: )
-Create a dreamworld
-Travel the universe
-And to a lot of other things

haven’t posted in here for some time.

  • visit hippo in the labyrinth
  • meet up with friends
  • improve my flying
  • teleport again
  • talk with DCs
  • then finally a transformation … leaving this to last because it’s something I haven’t mastered yet

Nice ideas in here! :wink:

My (current) personal to-do list:

  • Fly (just done that in NDs, often didn’t work very well)
  • Flying variation: Fly beeing Ken / Joe from Gatchaman
  • Fly a Light Jet (-> Tron Legacy)
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Meet Sonic the Hedgehog & Tails (yes, I am a BIG fan of the Sonic franchise :smile: ) / Race Sonic - and Win! :happy: / Clobber Eggmans Robots


Experience a shared dream (I think this is on a lot of our lists)

Look up and gaze at the sky

Skydive from space

and above all, just enjoy every minute of it! I don’t lucid dream that frequently yet so I need to savor my time.

  • I really want to visit my ‘world’, named ‘Arwendil’. It’s a landscape with a lake in the middle (named ‘aurora waters’) and in the middle of that lake is a small house.
  • meet my SG/DG
  • See some worlds from Mario Galaxy :razz:
  • fly a hoverboard
  • visit some of my former normal dreams, but now lucid
  • Talk to my friends
  • just eat EVERYTHING around me :happy:

-HAVE a lucid dream
-Meet Shigeru Miyamoto, the genius behind Nintendo
-Summon my “dream clock,” and have as much lucid time as I want
-Battle the great villains of video games: Ganondorf, Bowser, Sephiroth, Ridley, among others
-Visit some of my dreamscapes.
-Create a stable dream world
-Fly lucidly

Heres a list of some of my ideas to do in your lucid dream feel free to post your suggestions.
1.Meet your SC
2.Prank a DC
4.Give yourself telekinesis
5.Make your own world
6.Give yourself a lightsaber
7.Make yourself the opposite gender
8.Live on the moon
9.Live on the sun
10.Invent something new

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Not to be akward but sex isn’t in top 10 :tongue:
Also portal gun is fun :content:
Dream food is another… I’ll be back to this when I get the time hehe

Lol thats the same reason I dident put sex but yea I agree


Update for list
11.Fly a helicopter/jet
12.Drive a awesome car you’ve always wanted
13.Survive a zombie apocalypse
14.Give yourself super powers
16.Make an awesome hardcore parkour
17.Swap lives with someone
18.Get the perfect pet
19.Dodge bullets
20.Breath underwater

Once I start having frequent lucid dreams, I plan on making my own DC’s as well as my own dream world. I was in the process of making both of those things last time I was into lucid dreaming, but I need to make some changes to my own dreamworld.

Telekinesis, I can scratch off the list though. I’ve done it before, and although I plan to make it a constant hobby (I seem to be addicted to psychokinesis, the feeling of moving objects throughout the air feels amazing), I plan on working with other magic as well.

As far as fooling a DC goes, it’s almost too easy. Unless your focus is down, they might be able to jedi mind f*ck you then, like when they seem to be reading your thoughts and can tell your intent.


I want to discuss it. What would like to do in your next lucid dream? If you haven’t had any LD yet, if you had LD tonight, what would you do in it? If you are a good Lucid-Dreamer what do you like doing in your LDs?:slight_smile:

I will appreciate every answer. :wink:

@GN: Sorry if a similar topic exists, but I looked through the forum and didn’t find anything relevant.

[The B I G Lucid to-do list topic Part III) there’s a link to the big lucid to do list thread :smile: its pretty similar!
But I am looking to try and meet my subconscious, how about yourself ?

My biggie on my to-do list is to have a conversation with a DC about the fact that I am dreaming and I know it, and how he/she feels about me being aware of my dream.

Here’s my list:) :

  1. Live underwater (also includes breath underwater)
  2. Control elements
  3. Summon people and have a shared dream
  4. Create a dreamworld
  5. Explore wonderland once more:)
  1. Go to my iPod and listen to new songs (then wake up and compose them.)
  2. Find stuff back that I lost. (and then look in RL on that places)
    3.Look to my past lives see where I did live. (then search that place on google earth to see it excist)
  3. Find my spirit guide and let me learn awesome things you can do in a LD.
  4. Having sex ofcourse around!