The BIG Brainwave Generator topic part III

swoshing ect. … thats good!
thanks!! i will try tomorow,monday i 7.00 an run :neutral:
oh,and i will try with my voice :wink:

I mean, like on a beach! Imagine waves coming towards the sand, and going back, repeatedly… Very relaxing… I had an LD with preset no 12 a while ago.

i will try.heh i love beech :happy:
well,all i need now is luck.

Hehehe, worm, your posting style makes me chuckle.

sorry somethmes i have problems,but i am polish.i speak english better than i write :shy:
again sorry :razz:
ok this night i will try mambo number 12 :razz:
(i mean wild helper 12 :razz:),ya know:i love the sea :razz:
which mambo (helper) you guys prefer?? or an difrent sound
well,i dont have any MP3 player,and computer on whole night on?? no way! too much cash! i put it on an CD-RW,so i can delete them.thiese are big files,and i dont want to cut them.
oh and i hear buzzing in the backround :sad: is this normal??
man i keep reminding me self evrything (this is my 4 th edit of this post :razz: )
i must hear the sounds for a while and take of the headphones and then go to sleep??
any instructions?? (sorry for those questions,i dont want to blow evrything up :razz: )

I tried the Lucid Test yesterday and got a pretty crazy result. I fell asleep listening to it with headphones on.

In the middle of the night I felt a shock go through my body, mostly in my head but a little bit in my lower body too. It was so realistic and pretty freaking messed up, like the brainwave caused it.

I’m thinking that it was just a false awakening, especially since Lucid Test seems to cause so many. But man it seemed real. And when I woke up the lucid test ws turned off, which I don’t remember doing in the night.

Well I guess I’ll try it again. Maybe I just had the volume up too loud. If it was a false awakening then that’s a good thing, because that’s probably the easiest way for me to get lucid.

please tell me what i must do with these sounds,i already have nr.12 on an cd-rw

I put them on a CD-RW too.
Buzzing sounds - well I wouldn’t call them buzzing - are the entrainment tones used to affect your brain.
No, for LD’s I sleep with the sound and earphones… (unless you’re trying no 12 for a WILD, but I still had my LD with no 12 still hearing it during sleep).

Probably it was a FA. They seem real, sure. Just keep doing reality checks whenever you wake up or something strange happens (or both).

As I said, this preset (LD test) is really interesting. That shock must have been an FA. You don’t suffer from epilepsy or something similar… because that might be the only thing to keep one from doing this, I suppose.

thanks,in Poland its 22.51 so i am going to sleep…
tomorow i will write about efects…
one more question:
i must go sleep with the earphones,or wake up at 3 morning and them put them?? (last question…today :razz: )

I myself go to sleep with the earphones. I can sleep to the brainwave sounds apparently. (When I listen to the laberge mp3 I need an hour of silence before the interview starts. But after I wake up during the night then I can easily sleep with the interview playing!)

OK thanks…good night :happy:

Yeah, I would have to say it was definitely a FA. I’ll try it again tonight, hopefully I remember to look at my alarm clock like I did in my FA last week.

Do you know how long Lucid Test lasts? Or, how loud it gets during the loud spikes? Like, if I play if on my stero will my whole family end up hearing it?

all i can say i am not happy :sad:
23.09-truned the sounds and tried to fell to sleep
i coundlt fall asleep :sad:
about 1.30 i (maybe) fallt asleep
i woke up about 3.40,turn of the radio (with the sounds).
then i fall asleep for god and woke up at 9.00
no LD’s :sad:
well,i feel that i haved an ND ,nut i dont remember it :sad:
am i doing somthing bad?

I don’t know, perhaps you were not used to sleeping with a sound playing…

An idea - take the wav file and using cooledit or some other sound editor add some time of silence - 1 hour should be enough, perhaps less - at the beginning of the file.

That way you will have time to get to sleep and then you will listen while sleeping.

or can i try:
go sleep,wake up an 3.00 AM put the earphones,and go asleep with WILD and mambo nr.12 :razz:

I find it easier to play the Laberge interview and sleep to it at thjat time, too. So it’s probably easier for you.

Hi,another night,and still nothing :sad:
i am going desparete :meh:
well,i had 3 dreams,but i dont go lucid and remeber only 2.Wrote in DJ on my computer.IS DJ very usfeul?
i almost destroyed the disc man,it felt on the gruond few times :wink:
to short cabel for the earphones :wink:
well it looked like this:
23.00-going sleep…
23.13-taking somthing to read,i cant sleep!
23.30-felt asleep…
4.00-put my earphones on
7.00-put them away
9.00-get up!
i think that between 7 and 9 i had those dreams :confused: maybe its coused by that sounds?

i oh now i remeber! in the 3 dream i haved…ham i the refrigerator :meh:
weird.Also in dream 1 it changed a litlle two houses in the NEIGHBOURHOOD.(well in the dream there was only those 2 houses :wink: )

Did you try LD test, or just no 12 by Ed?

Try LD test if you haven’t.

Perhaps you could try to listen to the laberge interview.
I got lucid with that at least once.

i have lisent to ed’s case number 12
ld test?? is that LD TEST PRESET ??
now i cant try coz:
1.tomorow on 7.00 to school… sister has taken my disc man,and only that disc man cant play CD-RW :sad:
tonight,only WILD… :sad: