The BIG DreamMaker topic

I would really really want one of these…but jesus christ!! 1000 dollars just to spice your dreams up! I’m desperate sometimes…but not even close to being that desperate.

for that much money…I could build me a pretty nice dual CPU Motherboard, 400mhz 2 gig ram, geforce 6600 GT, two 200gig RAIDed harddrives. and still have roughly 100 bucks to spare.
yeesh id have the best computer within a 50 mile radius

Tell that to the Lucidity Inst. :smile:

I don’t think it is the lucidity inst that is producing the dream maker.

Well whoever makes it needs to find a better price, I rather rap christmas lights around my head and have them set to a timer so they start flashing when I enter REM

lol niiiice white wolf!

Actually that may work :smile: As long as you dont die by electricution first.

Yeah, that would be an unfortunate side ffect…

An easier way would be to hook up a strobe light to a timer and set it to flash at times you are likely to be in rem sleep. Depending on where you go, you could buy everything you need for less the $30.00. I tried this a long time ago and it did work for me.

see another cheaper alternitive. and safer then mine! lol.
Im only afraid that if i use somthing like that i would become dependent on it. And only LD IF I use that :bored: so id rather like I said learn Dreamsigns, or learn WILD better…

Hey yae, I found a alarm clock C.D. player the other day, and it plays a C.D. at what ever time you set it. Im thinking of getting one. How did you hook the strobe light up to a timer?

I completely agree. You do not want to become too dependent on a device for you lucid dreams. However, it may help some people who are just getting started or trying to overcome a dry spell. Once you get the feel of lucid dreaming then you wont need the device anymore.

The timer plugs into the wall then you plug the strobe light into the timer. You turn the power to the strobe light on. On the front of the timer there are little switches where you can set it to turn the strobe on. You can set it to go on a specific times or every 15 min, every few hours etc. You will understand when you see the timer. You can buy them in almost any k-mart or wall-mart type stores very cheap.

Please, everybody, stop saying $1000! It isn’t!

It’s $350, or $200 if you order soon.

Still $200.00 is still a ridiculous price. They want you to send them $200.00 yet, they are vague as to who is developing this thing. They don’t even have a picture of it on there web site so you have no idea of what you are buying!

It isn’t that hard to see that “Wellness Tools” (company) have made these.

The extra price for the “Pro” version is for the light and sound machine:

This is not necessary for lucid dream induction. It is just an optional extra.

Well you don’t need a device at all to induce lucid dreams. :wink:

However, I do stand corrected. It does appear that wellness tools is the company that is producing the device. But, it is still suspicious that the do not have a picture of the device on their site.

Also note that the reduced price is only for the first 100 orders.

Anyway, I am just concerned that wellness tools is going to do the same thing the lucidity inst did. Control the production and keep the price high. :down:

Well the Dreammaker website has finally been updated but only with the CNN video of lucid dreaming that wellness tools was promising us.

The video does not talk anything about the Dreammaker which makes me not want to order this, until i see some actual pictures and info on this product.

I had emailed wellness tools a while ago with some questions and they got back to me, the Dreammaker does not have a cable that can be plugged to your PC like the Supernova dreamer had, only the Pro version has that.

So you guys your paying 200 dollars for the first 100 orders and there after 350 dollars, or you can order the rem dreamer from poland which has gone down in price now at 132 euros including shipping, which has had probably a new revision and they work better now, and the remdreamer cannot be connected to a PC but it does has a rem detector.

The dreammaker pro also has a built in light and sound machine which is said to better than all the light and sound machines currently on the market and it can plug to a PC with a upgrade kit probably another rip off of 150 dollars, already i think this pricing stradegy is not good for wellness tools, when to make these deivces they don’t cost more than 80 dollars when your mass producing them.

They also said the pro version will have blue tooth enabled for another future expansion costly costly costly, that will allow you to stream the light and sound machine to the mask through bluetooth. Well that’s all the email said. i emailed them back and asked for a FAQ section to be made on their website, he said that’s a good idea, and would post all my questios and answers from the emails onto his website, but it seems he never bothered to wirte it up or is still working on it which has been over 10 days now.

The distributor (Nova Dreamer) is the Lucid Dream Connection for $700 Bucks…Yikes! :confused: … eamer.html

I pre-ordered the DreamMaker Basic for $200, it doesnt have the mind machine but I plant to get Luna for that, so the mask with cues and lights is all you need. Better to pay $200 than $349 or freaking $1000 for the full-blown deal. :cool_laugh:

A better way will be make a deal with your dog so when you enter REM he will pee in your face so you can become wet lucid. :neutral:

It would be interesting to find out if the dreamer maker is in any way superior to the rem dreamerwhich you can get for a lot less.

well we already know it is superior than the rem dreamer

the novadreamer and the rem dreamer only have a remdetector which works by detecting REM via a sensor which bounces light off the eyelid and then filters out noise or rapid movements.

but the dreammaker does that aswell as this i have copied and pasted this from there website: Electromyography (EMG) which measures facial tension is another good way to determine REM. By combining these two methods as we have done, increases the reliable detection of REM.

So the dreamamker has that second method which shows that the novadreamer and rem dreamer don’t have,

Now one problem the Nova dreamer could be upgraded into a supernova dreamer, now the supernova was where you could connect the nova dreamer into a pc and record all your dream cues when they went off during the night.
Now the remdreamer and novadreamer does not have those features but the dreammaker pro version has a socket which will have that option in the future which is what i am told from an email that i wrote to wellness tools. Also it has a light and sound machine which is basically a control box that connects to a socket on the dreammaker and i think thats the same socket which will allow you to connect it to a pc with a future upgrade kit.

It’s a bit stupid that they did not combine this option with the dreammaker basic.

So recap

Nova dreamer, one sort of rem detector but can be upgraded to supernova dreamer but discontinued.
rem dreamer same as above one sort of rem detector cannot be upgraded
dreammaker basic 2 sorts of rem detection cannot be upgraded
dream maker pro 2 sorts of remdetector, light and sound machine can be upgraded but it will cost something probably over 100 dollars i think.

Is it worth it, i don’t think so, if they can drop the price of the pro version to 350 dollars or include the upgrade kit with the pro version for 500 dollars then great deal, if not thumbs down for this company.

they want to charge a 1000 dollars for the pro version after the first 100 sales, rip off and 500 dollars before.

the basic version was 200 dollars before the 100 sales, but sales has finish and it is selling for it’s retail price now of 350 dollars, again rip off it should be 200 dollars because it cannot be upgraded.