The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 45

I am new to this whole lucid dreaming thing but I find it very interesting. I have had several lucid dreams throuhgout my life but would love to have more. Thanks for accepting me.

Oops, didn’t know whether or not I should put my “hello, I’m _____” in a separate post.


/me takes a deep breath :tongue:
Hello Nik J92, WhiteGalacticWizard, danishscientist And zeroman.

Welcome to LD4ALL :ld4all:

:woah: WOW 11000 Members :grin:

You were right to post it in the topic you did WhiteGalacticWizard. It’s just when the topic gets 10 pages long we start a new one :wink:

yea… im new here, learned about the whole lucid dream thing a few days ago, so far all ive been able to do is go into sleep paralysis… lol

:wave: hello WhiteGalacticWizard, danishscientist, zeroman and Mirado :grouphug:

It was great that the time to make a new part of this topic happened when our 11000th member joined :yay:

WhiteGalacticWizard, you may be interested in
“How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader

Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques


Sticky: Insomnia - Can’t sleep! Part II

I hope you post this LD into our sticky “Big My First LD Collection” at the top of the dream dairy forum :happy:

/me jumps up and down when she sees age 35 in zeroman’s profile and then points to the 30 years or older link in her sig :wink:
I hope you share some of your previous LDs with us in our dream diary forum :happy:

:boogie: it means you are getting near - good luck :thumbs:

/me hopes you all enjoy being members of our LD4all forum :smile:

Hello Mirado and Welcome :content:
Being able to get into sleep paralysis is also a good thing if you are going to try WILD as it will make many of the techniques easier :grin:

HELLO everyone!

I am new here ^ ^ I went here from polish (yes, I AM from Poland, and I am proud of that) esoteric forum.

As you can see, my english is not so good. Its becaouse I learned it from… Internet! Yeah, thats right! 5 years ago I got Internet connection in house and it started… In those times polish WWW sites was devolped not so good, so all inresting and new things was only on english sites - I picked up my dictionary and started, slowlny, word by word, translating whole sites!

What I can say about me? My eneeagramic number is 4in5, in numerology im 5, i was born in Metal Horse’s Year, chineese sigh: Monkey. Lion in astrology… xD


So you’re translating it into polish aye? Soon we’ll need a drop-down list for language option instead :razz:

Hey everybody! I tried to LD some years ago, with no results. Maybe because i was too young, maybe not, i gave up after some months. Now i realy want to keep trying, our at least remember most of my dreams.
Just downloaded the program Infinity, and started doing some RC’s (looking at my hands, and trying to find something to read). Wish me luck :grin:

:welcome: And good luck! Make sure you do Infinity from day one and up, even if you’ve done those things before.

Hello and Welcome Ashwalker and The Tangent :wave:

Good luck to the both of you in getting Lucid :cool:

And Tangent I just saw you in chat… Hope you come back again some time :grin:

Wow, I love how I stumble into things - like this! So relevant and synchronistic, yay!
So I have recently gotten into the 13 moon calendar, and found a program Palmspell, for my palm with it, and decided to join the forum because i wanted to post a response… But this is awesome! I also would like to get better at Lucid dreaming, etc.

I’m a Pisces on the cusp of Aquarius in Astrology. Numerology LP I’m a 5. Yellow Lunar Human as you can prolly see…
Let’s see, by day I’m a computer scientist/programmer/consultant. By night I’m a researcher/hoop dancer/tap dancer /dancer/ knitter… hehe…

I am also working on writing a Sci-Psi-fiction novel…
And I’m very interested in the crazy science stuff that is not yet widely accepted and have tons of interesting links… just pm me.

Well, i hope to learn a lot and meet more interesting people :smile:

:welcome: welcome galaxy*19! good luck with your lucid dreams :happy:

I hope you will feel at home here :content:

Hey everybody

I’m new to the site, I have a couple of questions about lucid dreams but I’m not really sure where to ask about them, I’m a bit lost lol. Can somebody please point me in the right direction

Thank you xx.

Hi, I’m new here too, but I found if you read through the section about lucid dreaming and all the details you’ll get going. From this forum, click ‘HOME’ in the upper left hand corner. Then read that page and click ‘enter guide’. then start at the links at the top left, reading each section. I found that the guide took a little while to load before it was readable (i.e. dark text on light background) but once it did it was easy to navigate. Good luck! and Hi!

Thank you! I already do :smile:

Hello galaxy*19 And Spiz Welcome to the forum :grin:

I like Science-fiction myself galaxy*19 and I also like writing :content:

Where you ask your question depends what it is about Spiz :smile: First I would have a look to see if your topic has already been posted about with the search button. If you can’t find anything, I would read the forum descriptions and try to post in the forum you think is right; the mods will move it if it is wrong. :happy:

:wave: hello Ashwalker, The Tangent, galaxy*19 and Spiz welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

Ashwalker, we have quite a few members from Poland :yay: you should keep an eye out for them as you browse around the forums :happy:

that’s what i call dedication :thumbs:

Good luck :thumbs: The Tangent I’m sure you will be able to LD this time :yes:
/me expects to see you posting in the sticky My First LD Collection in the near future :happy:

galaxy*19, I love your sig :smile:


:eh: ooo a top secret private life :wink:

once you have read the main website … i recommend Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques and “How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader

Then if you have any questions, we have the big MILD and WILD topics in the quest forum :thumbs:

And as dragon said if you do make a mistake, don’t worry as it only takes the mods a second or two to move a topic to the correct forum :wink:

/me hopes you all enjoy your time on LD4all :yay:

hey there, my name’s Andrew, and i’ve been a long time lurker on LD4all. i used to have an interest in lucid dreaming some time ago, and i was only succesfull once. i’ve had lots of free time this summer so i decided to try it again, and i had one today, so that’s what triggered me finally posting here. anyway, looking forward to posting a whole lot more here. :beer: