The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 45

:welcome: welcome galaxy*19! good luck with your lucid dreams :happy:

I hope you will feel at home here :content:

Hey everybody

I’m new to the site, I have a couple of questions about lucid dreams but I’m not really sure where to ask about them, I’m a bit lost lol. Can somebody please point me in the right direction

Thank you xx.

Hi, I’m new here too, but I found if you read through the section about lucid dreaming and all the details you’ll get going. From this forum, click ‘HOME’ in the upper left hand corner. Then read that page and click ‘enter guide’. then start at the links at the top left, reading each section. I found that the guide took a little while to load before it was readable (i.e. dark text on light background) but once it did it was easy to navigate. Good luck! and Hi!

Thank you! I already do :smile:

Hello galaxy*19 And Spiz Welcome to the forum :grin:

I like Science-fiction myself galaxy*19 and I also like writing :content:

Where you ask your question depends what it is about Spiz :smile: First I would have a look to see if your topic has already been posted about with the search button. If you can’t find anything, I would read the forum descriptions and try to post in the forum you think is right; the mods will move it if it is wrong. :happy:

:wave: hello Ashwalker, The Tangent, galaxy*19 and Spiz welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

Ashwalker, we have quite a few members from Poland :yay: you should keep an eye out for them as you browse around the forums :happy:

that’s what i call dedication :thumbs:

Good luck :thumbs: The Tangent I’m sure you will be able to LD this time :yes:
/me expects to see you posting in the sticky My First LD Collection in the near future :happy:

galaxy*19, I love your sig :smile:


:eh: ooo a top secret private life :wink:

once you have read the main website … i recommend Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques and “How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader

Then if you have any questions, we have the big MILD and WILD topics in the quest forum :thumbs:

And as dragon said if you do make a mistake, don’t worry as it only takes the mods a second or two to move a topic to the correct forum :wink:

/me hopes you all enjoy your time on LD4all :yay:

hey there, my name’s Andrew, and i’ve been a long time lurker on LD4all. i used to have an interest in lucid dreaming some time ago, and i was only succesfull once. i’ve had lots of free time this summer so i decided to try it again, and i had one today, so that’s what triggered me finally posting here. anyway, looking forward to posting a whole lot more here. :beer:

Thank you folks! Its impossible not to have a LD with all that suport you all give us ,“new dreamers” :happy:

Yes, im trying the WILD method. so far ive been able to get the sensation of falling through my bed… and another time, it felt like there were these vibrations going through my body, and a loud ringing in my ears… but then some adrenalin kicked in and it went away…

:yay: it’s always great when an ex-lurker decides to register here :boogie:
Will you be posting your previous LD in our dream diary forum? either as a first post in a dream journal or in the sticky The Big ‘My First LD’ Collection :eh:

Hello andruini :welcome:

Wow it sounds like you are doing well there :grin: Hopefully you’ll get a WILD very soon :cool:

Hey everone. New member from Norway here.

So how did I end up here? Heh. Actually it was quite random. I was browsing the norwegian nintendo forum and came by this “what’s your strangest dream?” topic or something (miscellaneous part of the forum :tongue:). From there I clicked a link which lead to a thread here on LD4all, which topic was about another way to perform lucid dreaming or something…

I’ve heard of LD before, but it never really caugh my attention. That was until I saw the headline "Quest for this Moon: Explore your subconscious ". I went to see what it was all about, because I’ve recently learnt that my personal issues in life could be solved with help of one’s very own subconscious. This was when a friend of mine introduced me to self hypnosis. He had read a book about the subject and told me that you could ask your subconscious for answsers according personal issues in life, or power up some of your weaker abillities by suggesting to yourself that you can manage a spesific problem, and then visualizing how it would be and feel.

I haven’t tried anything practical yet and I’m still trying to finish reading a few pages on the web about inner selves and how to heal the inner child. I want to gather as much information as possible, but I feel kinda lost. I just gotta focus at one one subject a time I guess. But I’m a little stressed out as I’m leaving for vacation in 5 days to my grandma, who neither has an internet connection nor a PC. So if anything, I want to gather relevant information and learn what I can do without relying on a PC with internet connection for sources, during this period of two weeks I’m away. Oh. No stress. :smile: So basically I’m searching for ways to heal myself in the first place.

At the moment I’m trying to get up the details of the 13 Moon Calendar and the true meaning of my kin. Pretty interesting. :smile:

I hope to grow a greater knowledge of myself and LD during my visit here; so far I’ve come to stay.

Welcome cresun :wave:

That’s exactly how I feel :content: I like your signature too by the way :smile:

Thanks for the welcome!

Great. :content: Learnt something interesting since your arrival here? :smile:

Haha. Glad you like the sig man. Credits to Kirsty Hawkshaw for writing the amazing lyrics to her song “Just Be Me”. It’s a quote of the second verse. :content:

Welcome, cresun! :cool_laugh: Wow, we are from the same town! Have you ever had a lucid dream before?

Haha, cool. Where do you live at, if you don’t mind me asking? :tongue:

I don’t think I’ve ever had a LD before, though upon reading what it was all about, I think I felt a connection with some of the descriptions covering the early stages of LD. I don’t remember what it said at the moment; might have to look it up again… :grin:

Hi Ashwater,

Welcome to LD4all!

“As you can see, my English is not sot so good” - excuse me? Where did that come from? Your English is great, and what you did with the dictionary sounds incredible.

Well, enjoy the forums. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts.

Edit: Ahh, right. that was on page ONE. Uh…

Yeah, for anyone who doesn’t know already, I’m a klutz.

Anyway, welcome to the forums cresun! I really hope you’ll like LD4all and enjoy yourself - it’s a very friendly community - and get all the answers you’re looking for.

It is actually really wierd how I got here. When I was young I watched a film called apollo 13, which got me interested in space. I watched a film called armageddon, and It mentioned the word ‘uplink’. I randomly googled uplink, and found a hacking game with that name. The game got me interested in real hacking, on time on irc I got into a debate on how much I knew about the matrix. 3 Months later I compare it with dreams, and I randomly googled ‘are dreams real’, and I found out about something called lucid dreaming, I googled ‘lucid dreaming’ and found out about this website.

All this stretches across ~8 years. I have a dream diary/dream challenge thread in the dream diary section if anyone wants to read it.

Haha, that is a funny story. I have stumbled onto things by randomly googling them in a similar way. Those things I find are often the best :smile:

Hello Samsta2007 :welcome:

That is a fun story of how you got here Samsta2007 :smile: I can’t fully remember how I got here but I think I found it on a google search too :grin:

I have learnt many things from this site not all of it directly related to Lucid Dreaming :content: But the biggest thing related to Lucid dreaming would be that I learned I really want to have a WILD :grin: