The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 46

:wave: hello Bliss Junkie and Rayzor :grin: welcome to the LD4all forum

Bliss Junkie … there is a topic about that movie here … The Science of Sleep (movie)
there are also a lot of other movies and books mentioned in the lucidity centrestage forum :smile:

:yay: improving dream recall is really important … since it would be useless to experience a LD just to forget it :cry:
The good news is … if I can become lucid, anyone can :yay: (I am so unobservant in dreams and/or my mind comes up with good explanations for weird stuff that happens in dreams :tongue: )

So you definitely had a LD nightmaster :boogie: since you became aware that you were dreaming :happy:


I only found out that a person can influence their dreams yesterday (generally I dont remember dreams).
After reading several techniques, I gave one a go and I ended up having my first false awakening. Hopefully I’ll do better.

Hello Cs1kh!

Good luck on your lucidity quest!

Hello, I am new to this forum and have a deep interest in lucid dreaming. It came to me after watching the movie “Waking Life”, and I’m sure I’m not the only person here who can say that. I have not really remembered one of my dreams for a while now. I intend on starting a dream journal soon. I seek a greater understanding of life through lucid dreaming. I have read everything on the website but I don’t really know where to begin, as there is a lot of information. I really would like to have lucid dreams on a fairly regular basis, any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Dream_Weaver,

first of all welcome to the forum!

I think starting a DJ is a really good beginning. Write down all the details, emotions and Dream Characters that you notice. Just everything you remember. When you have some dreams ( maybe 10-12 ) read them again and start looking for DreamSigns. Maybe you´re always dream about the school or flying pink elephants. So everytime you you´re in school or see flying pink elephants :tongue: IRL you make a RC ( like pinching your nose and look if you still can breath, try to put your hand through a wall etc. ). When you´re lucky the next time you dream about the school you will do a RC and get lucid.
Make RC´s every time you see something weird. Make them 10 to 20 times a day.

What technique to choose is hard to say…It depends on the person. Look at this topic maybe you can find a tech that fits for you:

[How to Choose Your Technique)

Hope that helps a bit…If you got further questions just ask there´s always somebody who can help you.

Good luck on your quest for Lucid Dreaming!

:welcome: hello Cs1kh and Dream_Weaver welcome to LD4all

:yay: add a reality check to a false awakening and you get an easy way to get lucid dreams :smile:
Good luck on your lucid quest :thumbs: I’m sure you will have a LD really soon

hey, Dream_Weaver :smile: there is a topic on the Waking Life movie in lucidity centre stage.
Keeping a dream journal is a big help :yes: Have you read the choosing your technique topic? link and Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques? link
These two topics will be a good place to start off from :smile:

Okay moogle I think we posted nearly the same links at the same time…lol

Feel free to remove mine


Hello, I’m Thomas Pak. I don’t think anyone knows me here so I’ll introduce myself;

I live in Belgium, the Flemish side, so I’ll probably be hanging out on the dutch board aswell from time to time. I’m now currently in China to learn Chinese as China is my country of origin, but I don’t know the language :cry: . I’m an avid gamer since early youth and this is often reflected in my dreams, I remember that I had dreams of Spyro and Crash Bandicoot when I was a kid. And more recently I’ve had quite an amazing dream about Starcraft.

I’ve had 1 lucid dream before having read anything about LDing when I was a kid. I’ve enjoyed it very much and I have always been wondering if I could do it again. No wonder that I immediately started reading the guide to lucid dreaming on Wikibooks when I saw it featured on the frontpage :content: . The night immediately after I read all this stuff on LDing, I had one. I guess I’m a big lucky bastard for having a LD so quick :cool: . I haven’t had a LD in the consecutive nights but my DR rose from 2,3 a week to 3,4 a night. Considering all this, I don’t think I can be too far away from becoming a regular LDer :grin: .

I’m excited to become a part of this community as I find LDs a fantastic and thrilling experience to have.

salute everyone. I have been here before but on the french one. I live in Quebec, so i wan’t to improve my english. Thank you

:wave: hello teilomsas and Sevenfold

I love game influenced dreams I always wake up happy after having one :happy:

:yay: that is great news :content:

So are you going to be active on both forums? By the way, your english is good at the moment :thumbs:

:smile: Hello everyone!
I’m Corine and I am from Holland. I haven’t had any lucid dreams so far. But I’m working on it and I hope I will soon have my first LD.

Hello c0rine :smile: welcome to ld4all :ld4all: I’m sure it won’t too long before you get lucid :content:

yes, thank you.

:welcome: hello c0rine, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:
I look forward to reading all about your first LD in the near future :boogie:

Bonjour Sevenfold, just letting you know that english-speaking persons don’t tend to say salute. The verb rather refers to the act of saluting someone. :wink:

lol, kk. Thanks

Hi, I’m Spock… Mr. Spock :om: . I am Also a new member here, of course. Lucid dreaming sounds cool, so I’ll give it a try! :cool:

As soon as I saw your nick turn up as a new member, I thought, "a Star Trek fan :boogie: "

:wave: welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

Hello all! I’m The Deadman.
…but for convinience’s sake, just call me Jeff. lol.
I’ve been lurking around here for a little bit, as I got interested in the topic of Lucid Dreaming around a month ago, and my friend suggested this site.

So. Yeah. Hi!
I hope everyone (including myself) enjoys my stay. :grin:

Hi Mr. Spock, TheDeadman and Sevenfold Welcome :wave:

lol Sevenfold, I am listened to Avenged Sevenfold whilst I’m writing this post :tongue: From your sig I guess you are a fan too :cool: I see you also joined Wolfgame too, I hope you enjoy it as much as me :grin:

Good luck and LDs to you all :smile: