The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 47

those are some of the best usernames I’ve ever seen.

My situation exactly, it’s nice to see that.

We’ll get through it. :smile:

Hello, I’m new here… Or i joined yesterday, but then i just spent my time to read a bit.

I have had some small LD’s before, but then i didn’t knew what it was or what i could do with it.
I think it al started when i was 5 years, and i was dreaming about a dragon (LOL) The dragon was breathing fire on me, and then i just said to myself: ‘‘Hey, it’s a dram. Wake up!’’ Then i waked up.
It had happened more when i have grown up, but everytime i say to myself it’s a dram. I wake up. I know now that i nead to learn to control my LD’s.
Do somebody know a topic were i can learn to start to control LD, and learn a good tech i can use?

Hi Inanna i also was a “Natural born lucid dreamer” and had lucid dreams very often as a child. I still have them but not that often.

I jused to jump of buildings or out of my window if i whished to wake up or just relly concentrate on my eyes and try to open them, I did that when i wasent 100% that it was a lucid dream.

Hope we will get our lucid dreams back! :welcome:

:welcome: Phyzium,Kaynos, Ralstian and Fruittti!

:wave: hello Fruttti :grin:
for choosing a good tech … I would advise reading the “How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader topic … since dreamers have varying success with the different techniques
Then have a look at Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques
Whatever method you choose to use … WBTB will really improve your chance of being successful.
For control … using commands and just belief that you can do it works wonders. You just have to remember that you can do anything that you can imagine since it is all created by your own mind :thumbs:

I hope you have fun browsing the forum there are so many interesting topics and posts to discover :boogie:

:welcome: to LD4ALL Fruttti

You just have to try every tech thats out there to find the right one. I hope you find your stay here welcome and have a fun time!


Hope you like it here and dont forget PINEAPPLES RULE!!!

Welcome everyone!

Hello im new here, and im hoping to start lucid dreaming as fast i can!

Come you have, to the right place sabored. May your journey through the world of lucid dreaming be long and prosperous. :tongue:


Hi, this is Chuckiferd and I am new to LD4all and LDing all together. I have been trying for about a month but I haven’t been able to LD yet. This is very cool since I have always dreamed (no pun intended) to control dreams as they are a second world that seems real yet has no rules or restrictions. So wish me luck in my quest for my first LD.

Hello, and welcome, Chuckiferd :happy:

You’ll find most of us here are friendly…except for Bruno. He is a big troll, infamous from these here parts. You have been warned :wink:

Just kidding, everybodies friendly here, hehehe. Good luck in your quest for lucid dreams. I hope you find a slice of peace there, lounging in a large pool, drinking a tropical drink of sorts :grin:

hello. A friendf advise dthat I join here in order o becme proficient at lucid dreaming.
Here i am.
I am a fairly expereinced hypnotist and NLPer so altered sates of consciousness are familiar to me, but lucid dreaming is still a mysticall new world full of so far meaningless jargon!The idea seems promising and exiting so i hope to ahve a few lucid dreams soon, and i look forward to being involved in thsi community.

:welcome: to LD4ALL Sabored, nathan_thomas and Chuckiferd!!!

Everyone here will help you acheive lucid dreams with all of the available techniques to induce them. I hope you all have a great time on this forum and have fun.

I accidentally posted this as an independent thread… here it is where it belongs!!

Many moons ago, I was a semi-regular member here back in 1999 under a different user name. I still have the dream journal where I recorded a success in using PasQuale’s mirror-touching technique while dreaming.

Well, here I am a little older (24) and deciding to take up the singular hobby of LD once again. As far as consistent effort goes, I’ve been going it alone for about a year now. Now I feel the need to tap the experience of a few others and see what’s shaking since my disappearance.

Nice tew meet yew.

:welcome: Glad you are back here with us Lucid_Sockhat!!!

You came back then we will help you with your LD problems. I hope you have great new experiences on this newish forum.

:wave: hello Lucid_Sockhat … wow you were a member of the old n54 forum … there is a link to the archive of it on the current index page :happy:
DreamAddict still visits but not as often as he would like … you will just have to pm anyone who posts and you remember their name from the old days :grin:
Glad to have you back :yay:

welcome back Lucid_Sockhead , things change , some just change , and some get better ,hope you feel well here
greets ,Sakoda unofficial Forums harlequin and PrinceOfTheRavens

wanted to say a BIG Hello to everyone…