the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 51

:welcome: Skilled! :happy:

Hi everybody,

I have been on this forum for a little while, posted a few times, but I never really introduced myself so I just wanted to say hi. :wave: I’ve been trying off and on to LD for about 10 months and I finally had my first LD about a week ago. :content: Hoping to have more soon.

:welcome: cherika!

Hope you get more LDs too :happy:

:wave: cherika
ahhh I know you :yay: … I think you have changed your nick at some time? I remembered Cerulean_sea’s Dream Journal
good luck with your LDing quest :thumbs:

Hi, I’m new here, I have only had 1(and a half,lol that IS possible, i’ll explain that somewhere else) lucid dream.

I plan to stay a long time. Typing the activation key because I can’t copy/paste >.>

half because it was very short?
:welcome: welcome to LD4all masonc1 :happy:
I’ve noticed in your other posts (and your sig :wink: ) that you have an interest in morphing
you will love this old topic in the archives
Morphing/Transformation methods
and there is also Post your favorite/best/funnest transformation
it was also featured in the second official LD4all Quest LD4all Quest #2: Overtone Moon: Transform into an animal
That will give you some ideas and also some fun browsing :grin:

I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :smile:

Not because it was short(it was probably too long) but because i knew I was in bed but didn’t know I fell asleep(darn third person view dream, making me think it was my when I’m awake imagination)

And I really want to know how being morphed FEELS, I don’t want to do it,and still feel human(i want to keep my mind though, some people claim to do dream things I’d think “Why in the world would you do that?!” when transformed because of instincts…)

:welcome: masonc1!!

Good thing that you already know what it feels like to have a LD. Just keep up the work and you’ll get more.

ah, yes. The title has been changed now . :colgate: Thanks for the nice welcome!


This is a question I asked in yahoo answers.

When I am dreaming I always know it, I often laugh at the stupid situations my dream self gets into, I will often make sarcastic remarks (eg. Great look there hon!), and when I get bored of a dream, I switch dreams conciously (I think: Okay, whatever, I’m bored of this situation now, what if I rode and elephant into school…) This is at night when I am sleeping. Not day dreams. Is this normal?

and someone talked about “lucid dreaming” I googled it, and I think I am a lucid dreamer. However I do not remember having a dream when I wasn’t concious it was a dream except for ONE time when I was about four years old (I remember the dream vividly and was convinced for years afterwards that it really happened)

the rest of the time though I ALWAYS know when I am dreaming, and I can always decide what i want to do. The only thing I cannot do is make myself fall asleep or continue on dreaming once I “surface”.

I always will make comments on myself on other people while I am sleeping, it is like I am watching myself in the movies and I critque myself.

I am sixteen years old-and I am a Christian (not that I think that makes a diffrence to my dreams!). So Hi, and any advice?

:wave: hello Inquisitive, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
It’s good to see that you have a lot of natural ability. :content:

so you still follow the dreamplot? and don’t take more control? it would be good to read some of your dreams and see how you influence them :eh: … if you wish we have a DJ forum for members to post online dream journals :user:

I hope you enjoy your time here. If you read the topics in lucid adventures you will get a lot of ideas what to do in a lucid dream. :smile:

:welcome: Inquisitive

Good thing you came across this site on google! :happy:

hello, im new here aswell.
i have not had any LD yet, trying to remember my dreams for now…:smile:

ehmmm dont relly now what to say… its issnt so much to say about me:P

but im looking forward to become lucid!

Hey! im new here, ive had a few ld’s and i have started a dj here on ld4all. The thought of becoming lucid has been a quest for me for a long time… i never knew about it but my life has been pretty bad lately and its just what ive needed. Thank you Lucidity :happy: And thanks ld4all! Love the Website!

:welcome: Buddah Luddah & Underminded!! :happy:

Greetings, everyone! I’m Five, a 20-year-old college student. I’ve had a few LDs before, and have been looking into how to have them more often. I’ve also been trying to log my dreams, so I think I’ll be starting a dream diary here soon. :smile:

:wave: hello Buddah Luddah, Underminded and Five :grin:

We have a big remembering dreams topic in the stuff forum with tips on how to improve dream recall … I really recommend starting a DJ if you haven’t done so already :content:
Good luck on your lucid quest :thumbs: MILD plus WBTB seems to give the best results :happy: … WILD is good but sometimes can result with losing sleeping time :cry:

:happy: Underminded … I thought you were here to welcome the new folk at first … you feel like a regular member to me already :content: since I have been following your DJ. :hugs:

Five, it’s good to see you were so quick at starting the DJ :smile: I look forward to watching your LD frequency go higher :happy:

hi i am new here. i have been experiencing lucid dreams for a while. i hope to learn more about controlling them better. and how to stay dreaming and not wake up! lol

ps i would like to talk to someone about why im always moving in slow motion in most of my lucid dreaming. i think i have sleep paralysis. anyone know about this and how this is tied to lucid dreaming? pm if you know anything about this thanks

:welcome: hello logan09876, welcome to the forum :smile:
We do have a big topic about SP in the stuff forum (link) but this is for the SP you feel just before going to sleep or upon waking.
IMO the SP is probably leaking through into the dreams due to be being aware at some level to the SP we all experience while dreaming. If you use the search button, you will probably find quite a few topics on moving slowly or feeling paralysed in dreams.

I hope you enjoy your time spent at LD4all :grouphug:

:welcome: to the most awesome LD board in the net logan !:yes: