the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 53

:welcome: hello OrangeAce, welcome to LD4all :smile:
Congrats on your LD :thumbs: I hope you decide to post your LD in our dream journal forum either in the Sticky: The BIG “My First LD” collection- Part IV or in the first post of your own personal DJ or even do both :happy:

I’m sure you will enjoy being a LD4all member :content: and good luck on your lucid quest :thumbs:

Hi, I’m new:-)

Had a really good lucid dream last night and got to thinking about Olga Karitides book Master of Lucid Dreams which I read last year, so did a search for more stuff on LD.

First heard about LD many years ago and have dipped in and out of it over time. I feel more in touch with myself when I have good dreams. I always write them down if I remember them, have been keeping a dream diary for many years now.

I trained in Art Therapy back in the eighties, I am really into dream interpretation and always try to understand what the symbolism means, although I don’t always get it!

all the best,

Cosmic Claire

Greetings all. I recently became interested in lucid dreams after randomly viewing a few you tube clips. I started keeping a dream journal as well as writing the word ‘dream’ on my hand near my watch. My intent is to make a habit of reading the word on my hand in order to do the same while dreaming and become aware when I cannot read the text.

My question for all: How long does it take to become lucid?

Also, I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne many months ago. Has anyone else read The Secret? (or viewed the DVD or listened to the audio version?) I wonder if the philosophy contained therein may be applied to lucid dreaming.

Any thoughts???

Hi there

Lucid dreaming is different for everyone else, it may take you months, or you may get it in the first day you try and it also depends on your motivation. I wish you good luck with it.


Hey everyone.

I read about Lucid Dreaming in a Dutch newspaper yesterday, the article also mentioned this website, so here I am. :content:
I thought it would be fun to learn Lucid Dreaming so I began to read the main site and looked through the forums yesterday.
The next day I already (partially) remembered 3/4 dreams I had, while that’s actually very rare for me. Of course it could be coincidence but it’s a good start :content: .

I tried WILD this afternoon and I think it worked, but I stopped because I thought the experience was intense enough for the first time. (I’ll probably post more about it in the WILD-topic.)

Anyway, Hi! :smile: (And sorry if I make mistakes with my English, I’m still learning. :whistle: )

:welcome: hello Cosmic Clare, PIG and Arreslee, welcome to the LD4all community :grouphug:

I find it fun to ponder the meaning behind some of my dreams :happy:
You may like to post a few interpretations on some dreams in the Stuff Dreams are made of… forum.
I think it’s easier to keep motivated about lucid dreaming when you are a member of a lucid dreaming community :content: and you can also get ideas about new things to do while lucid :smile:

There is no definite answer. Some dreamers experience a LD the first night they try while another may have to wait a year. But everyone can LD it is just a matter of getting the idea of being lucid and reality checks etc in your mind.

I think a few have mentioned it in the what book are you reading topic in lounge.
Oh I did a search and found
The Secret
there is also
Universal Law of Attraction
which discusses the same idea.

So pasQuale is famous again :smile:

That often happens … just wanting to remember your dreams will improve recall :grin: Keeping a dream journal will also improve your recall and help you identify your common dream themes :content:

I didn’t spot anything wrong :thumbs:
We also have the dutch LD4all forum, quite a few members are members of both forums :smile:

I look forward to getting to know you all better through your future posts :happy:

hello everyone :content:

i’m so happy for getting here.i just get to know the word i know that i’ve had a lot LD during my passed flying which i can control by using mind.sometimes even in universe,crazy amazing like Star wars :content:

That’s good to know. :smile:

I also registered to the Dutch forum. :wink:

:wave: hello dia welcome to the forum :grin:
Now you can read about other’s lucid experiences, you will probably get a lot of new ideas of what to do when lucid. Also don’t forget to check out our monthly LD quests :content: … this month it’s Face your Fears :scared:

Hi! :wave:
After using this site for like a week I finally decided to sign up. :tongue:

:wave: Welcome to the forums Stevenscar :smile:
:welcome: looking forward to seeing you around ^^

hey peoples. yea i’m new… as you might have guessed :razz: :happy:

first of all i’d like to say that i’d like all the advice i can get for WILDing. its the only technique i havent been able to do to lucid dream.
and second, while you’re reading this, i’m stealing your cookies :tongue: :cookiemon:

:wave: hello Stevenscar and Questionmark, I hope you both enjoy your time on LD4all :happy:

… and now you have a few more forums to read :boogie:

noooooooooooo :cry: not the cookies :help:

Hello im new here :happy:
i found this forum by wikibooks (ftw)

i am not sure if i ever experienced LD or something similar
but it was quite fun…and has happened several times.sometimes it’s scary too (but i must talk about that in another thread)

dreams are so awesome…It might be the favorite function of my brain

i really want to explore my mind in a more “interactive way”
i am started reading the pdf last night and today bought a little book (i will use it as a dream diary ^^)

cool smiley > :peek:

:wave: Modoc, welcome to LD4all

don’t forget that you can also keep an online dream diary in our dream journal forum :happy: … posting them online can help with motivation :boogie:

Good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs:

Both for him and for others :smile:
:wave: Welcome Modoc ^^

:welcome: to all of the new members!
I hope this is what you were looking for and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

thank you moogle for warm welcome. :content: people here are so nice~ :boogie:

Hey everyone,

I’ve been lurking here for a while and decided to start contributing :happy:

See you all around.

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Yes, please help us contribute! :razz: Good for you to stop being a lurker :happy: