the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 54

:welcome: hello MichaelDouglass and werefrog, I hope you both enjoy being members of the LD4all community :grouphug:

I’m convinced it’s easier to keep motivated, do well and experience more interesting LDs when you are a part of a friendly forum community instead of trying to do it alone. :content:

I hope you decide to keep an online LD4all dream journal and it would be good if the first post contained your first two LDs :smile:
I can’t help thinking of :wnvoss: when I see your nick :eh: as long as I don’t think of :wolfbite: :tongue:

@ iavas, I know Pithlit :smile: and I notice Pithlit has just started posting in his DJ again :boogie:

Very cool.

Hi,i’m Pridak and i just registered.I am hoping to succed in having a lucid dream,it sounds awesome.I’m 13 and live in romania.My Yahoo messenger is: naughty_santa_claus…ADD ME :grin:
Well,i’m gonna go to bed soon…i will try to get something even tho i have no idea how i should do it :tongue:

you should post this is the “hi i’m new here” topic.
It’s probobly going to be moved there anyway. Soon

Yes and you might benefit from looking up some techniques in the LD4all knowldge base? :content:

Good luck anyhoo

:welcome: hello Pridak, welcome to LD4all :boogie:
:yes: the main site and the knowledgebase is a good place to start. I really recommend
“How to Choose Your Technique”
Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques

After reading them you will know what to look up next :wink:
good luck :thumbs: I hope you get your first LD soon

Hello, all. You seem like a cool group of poeple

I juust got my account =3. i have no idea what im going to do now that i have it.

Those are some seriously cool smilies =D

Im 14. Im an asshole.

Hey, why don’t you try posting now that you have an account :smile:

:wave: hello fatpunk47 welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
/me gives you a “To do list” :tongue:

  1. mix with us in the playground
  2. start an online LD4all dream journal
  3. Enjoy browsing the forums that only members can reach :tongue:
  4. consider joining the next wolfgame (it is set to start beginning of october :smile:

and :yes: it’s great to have so many smilies to choose from :yay:

Hey everyone :wiske:

Another newbie to add to the collection!

Seems like a great forum and I’m looking forward to getting to know people better and learning lots of cool stuff :cool:

Just a quick bit about me; I’m Kristy, 23, and from Nottingham, UK. I’ve been interested in OBE and lucid dreaming for around 2 years now and have had some great results, though I’d like things to be more concrete as my lucid dreams are quite sporadic and I wish I could have them more, but I’ll get there eventually :wink:

Anyways, great to be here!!!


oohh… i can save space…

its a hidden message… i just like the way that sounds. :tongue:

the wolfgame seems very interesting… unfortunately idk if i have time to fully participate every day.
maybe over the summer or something. :shrug:

and yeah, if you dont like school, youre screwed.

it insists on dominating my life.


dream recall is the first thing i intend to work on.
on an ADD note, you have your own smiley, that is so cool :colgate:

Enlightenment: heyy :aww:
Welcome to ld4all. yeah, i can say that because im apparenty a veteran now xP

I completely agree, the ld4all community seems a lot friendlier and more mature. Ive actually had an obe before i think, thats part of why im here now.

2 years huh? Do you think there are any tips you could give me? thatd be really cool. i have a basic knowledge about the topic, but id like to learn anything.

:om: [/spoiler]

Hi, I’m new her-, wait, no I’m not. However, according to a quick search, my last post was on Wed May 17, 2006 11:29 pm. I’ve moved house about 3 times since then, and things are more stable now, and I thought I’d try and get back into this.

If anyone actually remembers me, I envy your memory, and you get a cookie.

:hurray: the more, the merrier :smile: :wave: hello kristy

:yes: as long as you are getting some lucid dreams, you are getting more experienced and being able to practice LDing stabilising techs and abilities :content:

Are you going to create a LD4all online dream journal in our DJ forum? so you can record your progress. I would love to read your dreams :content:

A lot of the mod team have their own smilie :smile:
spot the mod :tongue:
:moogle: :cool: :read: :ysim: :dragon: :write: :wnvoss:
/me thinks pasQuale is :ebil: :rofl:

Welcome back LizardKing :yay:
your old DJ is still waiting for you :smile: LINK
I would have had a better chance at remembering if we didn’t have a member called Lizard King (with a space) :eh:
But it’s great you remembered us and returned to LD4all :grouphug:
/me chains LizardKing to the LD4all forum



I wanted to wait with the hi until I have my first LD (without a nightmare, because when I have one I’m always lucid from the second of starting and wake myself up every time). And yesterday I had it. So hi!

Hi everyone,

I’m Danny aka HurtHead, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It has now been exactly 1 month since I’ve started to get really interested and making research on the web about LD. Unfortunately, I have had one yet :confused: but I’m sure that by reading other experiences here and maybe with your help I will finally have LDs soon!!!

I can’t wait to get to know you guys. You seem like a really nice bunch :wink:

Oh! and by the way I also speak french so I may be in both language forums.


:wave: hello Nathaniel Urian
:boogie: well it didn’t take long for you to be successful in having a LD in the way you wanted :smile:
I’m glad to see that you started a DJ too :grin:

:welcome: hello HurtHead welcome to the forum :grouphug:
Have you decided if you will be keeping a french or english online DJ?
:eh: oo you will have a choice of the french or english lucid quests :boogie:
Good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs: I’m sure with all the information on the forum you will soon be successful :content:

You wanna know something? I have like…17 posts but I haven’t posted here! :blush:

Well, anways I’m Essa. I’m a proud canadian! Hey I too can speak french! I’m in french immersion high school classes. Right…anyway I have had a few LDs…none with super awsome control though. I’m working on it! My friends say I can be very sarcastic (sp?) at times though. And I’m a generally (sp?) kind and quiet person. Unless I’m with friends… :gni:

I have been having weird dreams lately though…like really weird for me. I dunno. But I loooove this site!! Ima addict. If you read that thread I’m sure you already knew!! :shy: :tongue:

… and now you have 30 :wink:
I had noticed you on the forum :happy:
but now i can officially welcome you to LD4all :yay:
don’t forget to try our famous LD4all cookies :ebil:

Thanks moogle! :content: