the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 55

All new members :welcome:

:welcome: to LD4All, Rosie! In my opinion, this is one of the best sites to discuss LD’s. I hope you like it here. :happy:

Hello everyone,

Just a quickie to say hello to you all.

I’m not really new to Lucid Dreaming, I’ve had at least one lucid dream when I was a child, and a fair amount of seconds long lucid dreams as an adult. In my adult LD experience I either get scared or excited. A lot of my lucid dreams start with aliens which is something that I am both petrified of and curious about, so thats where the fear and excitement stem from.

So, for at least the next year I will keep a detailed dream diary and really make efforts to intensify the mind training I have started in an effort to give myself this gift of lucidity.

All and any help accepted :smile:

Lympicita :wiske:

Hello All!!!
I am not new to lucid dreaming. I have had a large handful in my lifetime. The last one last night. Also, one out-of-body (sorry don’t know your abbev.) and even a little mental telethapy. However, I have never “willed” myself to do it. That I need to learn. The others were unprovoked. I started a journal today with last night’s dream. I have some questions but not alot of time to search the entire sight for the answers. Any one willing to help would be appreciated. Thanks so much and I look forward to spending some free time here.

Hi, welcome to the forums. :welcome:

What kind of stuff are looking to discover or know?

:welcome: hello Dreamsonall4S, Tomothy, Rosie, Lympicita and firenbrmstn, I hope you all enjoy being members of the LD4all community :grouphug:

Dreamsonall4S, Well it’s great that it isn’t so we all have an opportunity to experience LDs :smile:
Since you have started journaling … will you be starting a DJ in our DJ forum?
Just keep using WBTB with the method of your choice and you WILL get your very own first LD :yay:

And a lot of them tend to come back to try again :boogie: But (and I hate using stereotypes :sad: ) a lot of younger members expect their early LDs to be as controlled as experienced dreamer’s LDs and get a little disappointed when they aren’t.

:wave: Rosie … after a little investigation, i know who the friend was :wink:
It’s great that you have posted your first LD in the big topic and also started a personal DJ :boogie:

and it’s nice to meet you too :content:

Lympicita, feel free to start a DJ in our dream journal forum too. Then if you have a simple question it is often easier to ask at the bottom of the dream :wink:
Don’t forget to read all the info in the knowledge base forum :content:

firenbrmstn, I would suggest reading

“How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader

then take it from there :content:

The search feature on LD4all is simple to use and should help if you are looking for something and will often be faster and more productive than asking a question and having to wait hours for a reply :tongue:

BTW we have a 30 years and older topic you may like to post in … the link is in my signature :blush:

/me wishes you all well in your LD quests :thumbs:

:welcome: Lymbicita and firenbrstn to LD4all, here you should feel safe on road to LD (and still have this site as guidelines after achieving LD’s :cool_laugh: )

im new here
my friend wanted me to check this out, he’s really interested in this stuff.

Hello Linds[: :welcome:
You’ll find that the world of Lding is really interesting and i hope you learn alot~ :smile:

P.S. your friend sounds really cool :wink:

:welcome: Linds, is your friend registered too :cool_laugh:

:wave: Your friend sounds like the most awesome person on the face of the PLANET! :cool:

yeah her friend is registered :wink:

Yes, He is :smile:

Whats his name :cool_laugh:

:welcome: all new to the LD Forum.

Bokesusie is how you say “welcome” in Kaadin. Just thought I’d add that for fun, :tongue:

:wave: hello Linds

/me just realised why you said her friend sounds really cool … you are her friend :tongue:

my post is going weird probably due to the [ in your user name o.o

so just want to welcome you and hope you enjoy your time here :smile:

i’ll experiment in 123 testing … if the problem persists you may have to lose the [ looks like you will need to change your name a little

Hey! I’m not exactly new here, I’ve been lurking around, reading various turorials, techniques, etc. Since I wasn’t quite thirteen, I decided I would just wait a while.

Me and two of my friends are avid LDers, but the other two are only able to do it. Myself, I have many troubles (but I survive) Whereas my friend has created his own method so he has an LD almost every week… Yes, I do envy him. I am trying to convince my other friends that LDing isn’t a false lie and creepy.

“Hi, I’m new here!”
Having a look on the international LD4all forum, but yet already a member of the french LD4all forum from a few weeks.
Nice to meet you all.

Heya Download (good name) and Bertrand! :welcome:

Yes, a lot of people think it’s a lie and creepy since they’ve never had one themselves. It seems like a pretty odd subject if you’ve never heard of it, tell you the truth. :tongue: That’s okay, this forum is all about being friends with other people that don’t just believe you, but know lucid dreaming is true and do it themselves. :cool:

Hey all, I’m new here!
I’m a guy from Sweden, stumbled over this website last tuesday and have been trying to get an LD since then! I’m lovin it!