the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 57

This is a great website to help you explore LDing! :thumbs: Lots of great tips and good people! Enjoy!! :wiske:

Hello everyone! waves

so, as one might imagine, i’m new here :smile: having a little trouble finding my way around (i didn’t find this thread until i already posted a ‘hello’ somewhere else :ack:) but getting used to it pretty quick. i’ve been lurking in the DJ forum for ages now, actually, and I finaly decided to actually join up after my first (semi)LD the other night. i didn’t really have control of it, and ti all went a bit strange, but i had a good time flying around a bit anyway. i’m mostly looking forward to making new friends, and slowly learning to increase lucidity and vividness.

but er… anyway, i talk to much- long story short… um. hello! :smile:

:welcome: THJ, interesting story you had there. I remember when I was new, I had problem as well :lol:

Congrats on the LD :yay: and feel free to be here :thumbs:

Hello all i am new to the forum so i thought i would post up here first to introduce myself.


Fen Lo Low

:welcome: hello PhreeBird, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
I notice you’ve already had a LD :yay: … we have a sticky “My First LD Collection” topic in the dream journal forum (it would be great if you posted it in there) :happy:

… and don’t forget to start an online DJ here for all those dreams that you want to share :spinning:

:welcome: hello again, jelly fish :hugs:
The hello in the dream journal forum was perfectly ok, since it also served as an intro to your DJ :happy:

:smile: I find your posts full of energy and enthusiasm :boogie:

:welcome: hello Fen Lo Low
welcome to the forum, i hope you enjoy your time here :spinning:

:welcome: fen lo low, its nice to see new people :tongue:

and I hope youll like this place :hurray:

Hello everyone, newbie here. Found this place via Erowid, great site!

I have a keen interest in lucid dreaming and other spiritual ventures (as I’m sure the majority of posters here share that same interest!) My main passion is guitar; I’d be a very different person without the emotional outlet guitar allows me.

…I’m pretty bad at these introduction things, so I’ll just end it here. Hope to stay here for awhile! :smile:.

:welcome: languageofmusic :tongue:

You seem to have found the right place, we treat everyone nice, we even have an LD-challenge :boogie: you should start a DJ in the DJ-forum :wink:

Dont forget to drop by the playground :tongue:

You dont need to be great on introduction :thumbs: youre welcomed anyway :cool:

hello language of music :wave:
You will probably have an interest in the spiritual corner forum too. Plus if you want to talk about spiritual beliefs … there is the spiritual personal beliefs thread in gathering (meant for just sharing beliefs) and some religious topics in lounge … there are also some music topics in lounge too :content:
There is so much on LD4all for when you want to about things other than LDing. We also have lots of information gathered over many years :happy: so don’t forget to have a peek into the archive forums :grin:

There are no bad or good introductions … an introduction is just a post that reveals just a little about you :wink:

I stumbled upon this and it intrested me.

:welcome: welcome to the LD4all forum, Harrison123
I suggest looking into the knowledgebase forum if you are new to LDing … otherwise I recommend the Lucid Adventures forum as your first stop :smile:

:welcome: harrison123, you should also start a DJ to record your dreams :wink:

Also browse in the rest of the forums :gni:

Hey, I’m a member since this morning! I’ve been at school, so that would make this my second post! I’ve only known I was dreaming twice, so I need some help.
Any help is fly with me! :fly:

:welcome: lucidwannabe, theres a big DR-topic somewhere (too lazy to browse after it :razz: ) and you should read the guide there you have tips on how to do to get LD’s :wink:

Read the knowledgetopics too and start a DJ as well.

Last and not least, good luck :gni:

:wave: hello Lucidwannabe, welcome to the forum :happy:
Well you have experienced some lucidity already :thumbs: and we have lots of useful topics that can help you get more :yay:
I would recommend two of the topics in knowledgebase

“How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader
Links and short descriptions to all new and known techniques

Good luck with your lucid quest :content:

Hi i’m new here. Oh and dont feel offended by my name i couldn’t really think of anything else

well at least the name catches the eye :tongue:

:wave: welcome to LD4all wasting my time :grin:

:welcome: WMT to ld4all, I dont see your name offending :lol: I find it quite funny :tongue:

I hope you find what you need :grin:

oh i would be glad to help you with anything you need WMT
should have been named ns13’s pal
grumble grumble
so im guessing your mom isnt mad at you?

The introductions and welcomes continue in the BIG “Hi, I’m new here!” topic part 58 :moogle: