the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic part 59

Hello Veta, tdstaylor! Welcome to LD4all. I’m sure we all will have a great time here!

Aww… :cry: tdstaylor maybe if you’d started posting a month ago, then by now you’d have probably got your first LD with the help of the kind members here! Hehe…

:welcome: tdstaylor and veta.

I dont have any idea why you didnt post, you might have been even closer by now :grin:

Hi, all.
i’m glad, i am here.
i know about lucid dreams for a few years, but i’m still newbye.
so, where to go first ?

I would suggest to go here :wink:

Welcome nleo, discovery, briz, and everyone else! :welcome: :wave:
Hope you like it here! :grin:

:grouphug: hello nleo, Brizglace, mad9592, Starbuck, Anait, LDT, tdstaylor, Veta and discovery06 welcome to the LD4all community :happy:

It’s great to have you here too :boogie:

Well, you are doing better than me :thumbs: I think the main thing is to always enjoy the LDs that we do get :smile:
Thanks for posting in the 30 years or older topic too :happy:

Maybe the FILD method would work better? if it usually takes you a while to go to sleep, then using WILD can be really difficult … whereas with FILD you only do it when you are very tired already and it doesn’t take much time. :wink:

I enjoy reading the DJs, so I will be following your nightly adventures :happy:

Your command of English seems good to me :smile:
Have you added yourself to Sticky: Show everybody where you are in the world :happy: part II yet?
Good luck on your lucid quest :thumbs:

The best place to share your LDs and indeed your normal dreams is our DJ forum (just make your own personal DJ topic in there :wink:

soooo :tongue: how long did it take you to register after you found us :wink:
Nice to see you getting active :smile: I’m sure you will enjoy your time here :happy:

Don’t be shy … we don’t bite :wolfbite: :content:
Just make yourself at home :happy:

:yes: the guide is a good place to start. Then i would recommend a visit to the knowledge base forum - read

After that you will know which topics you want to read first :happy:

Finally I wish you all lots of lucid dreams :dream:

Hi guys!!!

:welcome: VasiliyNaveru, I wish you many LD’s and hope you enjoy this site :grin:

Hello :razz:

I’ve been getting in to LDing since this January or so, and have looked at this site a bit, but I didn’t get around to registering until earlier tonight. Soooo, here I am. I’m hoping that I’ll have more luck now that I have somewhere to talk about LDs constantly, honestly I haven’t had much luck at all until now. Hopefully that’ll change. :happy:

:welcome: solipsist to ld4all :tongue:

Youll get LD’s better since you now can read member-only forums (like DJ’s)

Good luck :gni:

I’m Thunal, already a member of the Lucidipedia community, but making new friends is never bad, is it?
Even though it’s a great deal of life, the mission that brought me here was not in the name of community, but in the name of science. I am responsible for recruiting guinea pigs for a dream telepathy experiment. You can read more of that in the next post I’m going to make (somewhere on the ‘Beyond Dreaming’ sub-forum).

I greet you, soon to be my colleagues (if you decide to join the experiment, that is) and bloggers,
Thunal (you might add ‘the magnificent’ if you wish)

:welcome: to the forum Thunal, WE actually have a lucid lab sub-forum used to gather guinea pigs and onduct experiments, you should ask a mod to move your post there.

hi :wave:

I’m not that good at LD’ing yet to be able to help (notice I said yet! muhaha :wink: )
but I’ll take a look at it :smile:

I totally forgot to tell how extremely experienced I am!
I have had three lucid dreams so far that lasted longer than a second. In all of them I tried to fly, but failed. I don’t really mind, the way they were was special enough for me. I lack a lucidity ‘talent’, though. I never recalled any dream before I started the lucid dreaming quest, and I’m having a hard time trying to get lucid, but it will make it more of an achievement if I get fully lucid, and in full control.

Hi! I became interested in lucid dreaming about a month ago, had my first lucid dream about two weeks ago, and a second yesterday. They were both only about 1 or 2 minutes long, but definitely fascinating experiences. I’m looking forward to the next, which I hope will be longer.

Found some good advice on this forum, so I decided to join, perhaps share my thoughts, try the lucid quests. Maybe I’ll start a dream journal here soon.

Also, I like the design, it makes me sleepy.

I’m new at the forum and with the subject.
Didn’t LD yet, but i guess it will come eventually,
I Just started to read about it a couple of days ago. (But actually i know about the existense of LDs for about a year)

I’m really curious about this thing, and i just can’t wait to have my first lucid experience!

Welcome Leeh :wave:

Don’t worry and don’t give up and you’ll have your first LD! And it will be worth it :tongue:

Hey guys, I’m new here :smile: I learnt about lucid dreams about 1 or 2 years ago. I used to have them a lot as a child but they died out gradually. I used to try doing reality checks but I gave up, but now I’ve decided to give it another go and put everything into it!! ^^

After 2 days I did a reality check in a dream and found I had 6 fingers on one hand so I became lucid, but immediately woke up (not sure if I really woke up or not), I haven’t had another one since, but it’s only been about a week, so I’m hoping I’ll improve over time. :happy:

Hi everyone! :smile: It’s so nice to see how welcomeish you are :smile:
3 years ago I was really into LDing and I had a few successful LDs, but then I stopped for some reason and have been trying to start again for quiet some time now. Now I am really determined to develop my dreaming skills to their full potential!
I am looking forward to investing my time here :happy:

[center][size=150]A BIG


VasiliyNaveru, Solipsist, Thunal, Zglorblart, Leeh, dorianjamesfox and tickle_turnip :grouphug:

VasiliyNaveru, Solipsist and Thunal
sorry for not welcoming you sooner. Welcome to LD4all and I hope you enjoy your time here :content:

Zglorblart, congrats on your LD progress :smile: it won’t be long before you earn your LD4all quest wings :content:

That is a great compliment to pasQuale :happy:

Leeh :wave:

Good luck :smile:
/me sends lucid vibes :content:

It will be awesome :grin: That realisation that you ARE actually in a dream is breathtaking :smile:

:wave: dorianjamesfox
once you find the method that works best for you, you will be experiencing a lot of LDs again :happy: It would probably be an idea to add WBTB to those RCs. Have you read ‘choosing your technique’ in the knowledge base forum?

:welcome: tickle_turnip
:lol: your nick really makes me laugh when used in combination with your avatar :happy:
Good luck second time around :thumbs: